Three Major Lies We Tell Ourselves and Others

By: Hadeel 

We grew up learning that lying is a sin, if we lie our afterlife’s punishment will be going straight to hell, and our parents make sure that our real life punishments are just as scary. These next lies are the type that make you desperately wish were the truth, but sadly they’re not.


  • Mental health

Once we were born our society and family created a perfect mould to model out how our life should be; yet they weren’t aware that there was something sinfully abnormal lurking in the background commonly known as mental disorders. We all like to act as if we’re okay and we like to avoid mental health topics because if you talk about mental health you’re somehow considered insane. And as cliche as this is going to sound; it’s okay not to be okay and if you don’t really understand the whole mental health/illness thing it’s totally okay to read about it, but remember not every emotion you feel is a disorder.


  • Identity

Whether you’re scrolling down your phone, or out with your friends/family you can’t deny that the truth is always on your mind, but the lie is always waiting on your lips whether you say it outloud or practice it so when your friends ask you always have something else to say. You already count yourself as a sinner so one lie won’t matter, right? If you’re not ready to face the truth, don’t hate it. Look at it in another way, don’t just think in 10 years life will be better, try to act on that statement. That statement will only become a true fact when you have accepted who you are. Try to make life better for yourself, by accepting yourself. You don’t need to do this for anyone, but you, because you’re the only one who truly matters.


  • Judgement

As a person who judges almost everything and everyone I can confirm that judging things is absolutely normal, but judging isn’t calling women who dress freely sluts or guys who are confident of their sexuality gay. Judging is the act of analyzing things over and understanding them in different ways while still forming and believing your own opinion about the topic. Judging isn’t labeling people, judging is human nature and you can’t deny yourself of it, because no matter what you always judge. Whether it’s the lyrics of the new song that came out or the conversation you had with your friend this morning. You always judge so instead of perceiving it as a bad thing- embrace it.


We all have flaws. We all lie. Instead of hiding our flaws and pointing out others to reassure ourselves, we should embrace that we’re flawed creatures. Instead of trying to correct your flaws you should just look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you matter, be true to you; you don’t have to hide who you are and what you like from yourself.


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