The Arab World’s Pedophilia Plague

By: Rawan Khalil

Pedophilia; the forbidden desire whom everyone denies its existence and continue failing to see that it encircles us. As humans, we fear what we do not know, and we turn away from what we think we’re incapable of controlling. That’s exactly what is happening with pedophilia. People barely bat an eye about it. People adapt to the presence of pedophilia in society, instead of trying to change the fact that pedophilia is present in society- it became normal that a 60 year-old cat-calls a teenager, people don’t go up to that sixty year old and tell him that he’s wrong but they just tell the teenagers to move away from them!


Pedophilia encircles us in many shapes and forms, here are just three of the shapes it comes in:




It became so goddamn normal to walk down a street and be catcalled, more specifically be catcalled by an elder. Society does not label that as pedophilia, it just labels that as “mo3aksa” which should be brushed off and ignored. This in every way is a form of sexual harassment, and is very comfortable to the person being catcalled. People normalize looking at children’s body as if they are a consenting member of society. If you call a child: “ya 3asal”, where do you think it would end up? Would it end up you fucking the child, or in better words raping the child, would it end up in you kissing the child? I think it should end up with you visiting a therapist!!




Before any family gathering, many mothers tell their daughters to cover up and be ‘extra’ polite as their uncle will be there. A Mother does that subconsciously to protect her daughter, however, she does not realise that the reason for her warning and advice to her daughter are a product of the images that society throws along her way. She says that as if it’s normal for an uncle to sexualize their niece, as if it’s normal to see her through the eyes of anything more than uncle. An uncle is a person who supposedly loves and treats their nephews and nieces as a father, but how can a father view his daughter in a sexual manner?!




In children beauty pageants in particular as well as the modeling industry, children’s innocence is robbed from them. Their faces are painted with makeup, they wear heels and provoking clothes which makes them seem older, they’re made to wear push-ups to accentuate their body parts and sometimes even dirty dancing. This results in the sexualisation of young boys and girls by adults, which is deemed normal as the parents signed their kids up for that.


In 1996, a girl named JonBenét Ramsey, a child pageant aged 6 was found dead in her house’s basement. There were three possibilities to explain her state, the first being that their pedophilic neighbour broke into the house, raped her and then killed her, that her brother- who had violent tendencies sexually abused her then again killed her or that her father sexually assaulted and killed her. It was even suspected that it was a grouped murder by two of prime suspects- dad and brother. It is very sentimental that in all 3 scenarios pedophilia is evident and shining in neon lights, it is sad that in all 3 scenarios the JonBenét wouldn’t have been able to give consent, that no matter the possibility she have suffered before she died- her body is so fragile that she she suffered vaginal trauma at the age of 6!!! What’s even worse that if pedophila wasn’t a thing there would have been a beautiful, strong, 28 year old living on this world that has gone missing. Well, JonBenét Ramsey is just one of the many victims of pedophila. Just one, in god knows how many!

4 thoughts on “The Arab World’s Pedophilia Plague

  1. Love most of your articles but have to comment on something concerning in this one! The sexualization in children showing skin or wearing, as quoted here, “provoking clothes” isn’t in the fact that they’re wearing clothes that show off their bodies, or that they’re wearing heels and make-up, it’s in those that find it, “provoking”. A child, dressed in anything, should never be found provoking in the first place. This idea in itself is very sexualizing of children. If someone finds the way a child is dressed inappropriate because they’re showing skin then they’re part of the problem because they’re sexualizing the child. This is almost, if not certainly, shares the same idea of, “cover yourself up so that you don’t get raped and well, if it ever happens, it’s on you for dressing up like that”.


    1. Don’t think she meant it in a bad way, maybe the phrasing was a bit off though. Love the article nonetheless


      1. No, yes! I don’t think that the writer sexualizes, or means to sexualize children in general, but I’m saying that what was said was sexualizing. From what I got, it’s basically saying that parents sexualize, or lead to the sexualization of their children, by dressing them in “provoking clothes”, which is wrong, because this is a child and we shouldn’t even be looking at them this way, where we think that they need to cover themselves up to prevent another form of sexualization. The article is definitely well meaning but found this a bit hypocritical, that’s all!


  2. hey,

    thank you, first of all, and really sorry that I’m replying really late but I think it’s just my wording that is really off and I meant it more in a way in which the pedophile views the child in a sexualized manner because in their view the clothes are provoking.


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