Our Brainwashed Society and Its Handed Down Racism

By: Zeinah Hesham

We live in a very brainwashed society.

You never pay attention to it but in reality we aren’t doing anything but repeating the same thing over and over again.

We’re not brainwashed because we can’t see past that. We’re brainwashed because we don’t allow ourselves to see past it.

Even if I was only one race. Why is it – that I’m a brown girl in Egypt who gets mocked for the colour of her skin?

Why am I being called things that would only be offensive to a dark skinned person? And why do people think that they need to say those things to me to get under my skin? Why do they even want to get under my skin?

Not only am I mocked for my body , accent , hair , personality , language , art , grades and way more than that. But I’m mocked for my race. I am mocked for being dark skinned even though we’re all Egyptian and supposedly have the same skin colour.

If I can’t be respected in the land of my origins, how could I be respected in a land where I’m an immigrant?

The only fear of going away is the fear of being treated as inferior over something that I have no control over. Even if I find the cure for cancer – which I possibly can’t find since I’m already so fucking stupid according to my previous ignorant peers and my previous grades in a systemized school that I never belonged in anyway – I will most likely be hunted down for it due to my race and nationality.

As if being hated for my race isn’t enough, I’m also hated for my religion and the god that I chose to believe in.

A religion is something personal, it is between you and who/whatever you believe in. Tell me, how in the world is something that is insignificant to your life, determines whether you think I’m worthy of being protected by your police or not.

Tell me, Am I worthy of having peace?

Am I worthy of your kind words and genuine smile?

Or maybe you’d rather smile at the light skinned sexist and racist over there just because he looks more ‘peaceful’ to you?

What if I told you that my sister and I have the complete opposite skin? She’s white , light hair , a love for fitting in , no religion and laziness but here I am a dark skinned , dark , thick and curly haired girl with the religion she was born with and uniqueness that may be the death of her. But it also could be what makes her thrive and become the great person she may become in the future.

We share the same blood, same race and ethnicity yet she will always be treated better than me – not only because she knows that the way to succeed in a sexist world is to smile and giggle , something that I could never do –  but because of her skin.

That skin colour that I was always so jealous of. Thin hair that could be easily straightened and be thought of as beautiful European hair. Lack of morals that would give me one hundred more points.

I look in the mirror and I know that no matter who hates me or doesn’t think I’m capable, I need to prove everyone wrong. Not just for my entire race , religion and ethnicity but for those who are close to giving up and need someone to show them that they matter and all they need to do is dream.

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