How to Treat Your Period Symptoms – From Cramps to Acne

By: K

I usually don’t do these things, I’m more into sex-talk than period-talk, but I’ve found out that I have the best ideas about cures for the most common period symptoms, they’re not all as outrageous as I am – promise.

1- Cramps

CHAMOMILE: the absolute best and most relaxing anti-inflammatory to have ever existed, the fact that it is 100% natural, caffeine-free, and tastes divine is only a plus. Careful with the chamomile during exam season though because it makes you sleep. On that same note though, if you can’t sleep because of how painful your cramps are, have a warm cup and the pain will reduce along with a promise of a good night’s rest.

SUN: Vitamin D is vital to preventing menstrual cramps, personally, I don’t like taking Vitamin D pills – you could – but I prefer sitting in the sun and soaking up that vitamin and gorgeous energy. It’s also very good for your mental state.

HEAT PAD: This is actually one that I picked up from the resident period expert – that’s Fadila if you don’t know. The heat soothes cramps, it forces your muscles to relax, it also somehow makes you feel ok, especially if you’re alone.

2- Bloating

NO COFFEE OR SODA: Just don’t. They overstimulate your digestive system and now you’re stuck all blown up like a blowfish, and that’s NOT a good thing.

SLEEP: I know Drake said he only loves his bed and his mama, but take it from me, don’t deal with your mother when you’re still suffering period systems, the bed though? That’s your temple. Oh, but shut down Netflix would you? Actually borrow into the mattress, cocoon yourself in your blankets, look at the heater, shut your eyes, and dream of Nutella if you have to, just sleep.

NO FRUITS OR VEGGIES: Yes I know you probably think “are you a bloody idiot?” but hear me out, fruits and veggies – most of them anyway – are overflowing with fiber, and do you know what fiber causes? bloating! So, if anything, eat bananas. Potassium helps.

3- Acne

As a person who used to regularly break out + have insane acne when my hormones blew their top when Aunt Flo visited, I’d recommend regular, consistent skincare, but I’d also recommend La Roche Posay’s facial wash for oily skin, it’s a miracle worker.

4- Headaches

ICE: Wrap a couple blocks of ice in a thin towel and hold it to your head. I know the weather is deplorable, miserable, and absolutely freezing BUT trust me on this one, okay?

ADVIL: that’s the obvious solution, right?

MEDITATE: not the clear your mind shit, the mindfulness shit instead. slowly breathe. take in the world around you. think of good things.

5- Tender Breasts

Boobs hurt, ok? We all know it. They’re so tender, not wearing a bra is only an option if you’re sleeping, if you’re moving around, wear a well-supported sports bra or a full-cup comfy cotton bra. Maximum support is what you need to sidestep the aches and pains.

Well ladies, that’s all I’ve got for you today, if you have any sex-related questions – send them over to our email:

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