10 Arab Comedians We’d Like to Believe Are Living Legends

By: Fadila and Zeina Amr

Sometimes, watching Friends doesn’t cut it when you need a good laugh, sometimes, the answer is to submit to our own brand of Arab humor. Most would think we don’t really have good comedians, we’d beg to differ, hence – this list. You guys have no idea how absolutely hilarious the people on this list are, all different in their own way, all with their own style, but mostly, it’s just legit Arab, you know? Anyway, here goes, we’d like to introduce you to living comedy legends.

P.S you guys are probably used to us enough to know who wrote which parts.

1.Mohammed Tarek

If Mohammed Tarek wasn’t a dentistry major like my dad and if I thought either one of us could have a relationship with anything that isn’t our bed or food, I’d ask him out. Unfortunately, food and bed are more important to me (and to Mohammed) than human beings ever could be. However, Tarek is the only person who is always there for all of us, for our breakups, for our trendy songs, for our parties (in bed with pizza), and dealing with annoying people. There are videos for EVERYTHING! From dissing people who eat KitKat wrong to calling out those crappy people to chew with their mouths open, not to mention our esteemed teachers and professors who like to yeddoona 3ala afana. Tab a2olloko haga? My mom watches Mohammed Tarek, that’s how good and loveable he is.

2. Sarah Abulkhair

(Yes! Another kickass person I share highschool alum status with.- Fadila) In light of that, Instagram, please create a pink verification for Sarah “The Unicorn Queen” Abulkhair, thanks. That aside, NASA girl is not only super smart, she’s also crazy funny in the “I make fun of everything and everyone, mostly myself, but like, undercover, so it sounds narcissistic and arrogant but it’s sarcastic and funny”. Basically, it takes a special someone to realize how mind numbingly hilarious she is. Sarah has her own brand of humor, it takes some getting used to, but she pulled a prank over the entire MENA region, you guys, that takes a genius. Hail The Unicorn Queen, Her Majesty, Sarah Abulkhair. 

3- Yaya & Safi

I WANT A DOUBLE DATE WITH YAYA AND SAFI BUT WITHOUT ANOTHER FEMALE. Romanseyya Manseyya hosts Yehia (Yaya) and Safi are my favorite comedian duo in the entire world. I want a t shirt with Safi’s face on it captioned “ya3 bas mashy”, I also want a hoodie with a signed prescription from أخصائي القلوب يحيى الصادي من مركز الهضبة لعلاج الأمراض القلبية والعاطفية.  I live for the both of them, they’re witty, sharp, and extremely on point. They’re hilarious without ever offending anyone, they’ve never made a racist or sexist joke, it’s all kept breathtakingly funny and 100% non-offensive to anyone. The message behind the show is also clear and quite important, romance has been forgotten, like, actual romance, the guys are bringing it back, safely, consensually, without any pressure. I live for Romanseyya Manseyya, I’ll never tire of the jokes, and I always see the sheer amount of effort put into giving us such good content. So maybe, this is a thank you to not just Yaya and Safi, but to every single person who works at Peace Cake, for blessing us. 

4- Faiza Rammuny

If there is one woman in the world who could live a double life; it’s Faiza Rammuny. She’s also known by her Instagram handle @ExpiredNFabulous – you know, just a MusRab woman with major disagreements with some of our society’s backwards traditions who just so happens to be a relationship counselor and a comedian. Her videos are not just hysterical (in a good way) but also very telling about the lives we live as females in a MusRab community. From Mama’s 3arees bullshit to regular parental fights and all the way to the types of people at weddings and other Arab twisted events, she’s, well, got it all covered. I don’t idolize people, but I’d love to spend even 5 minutes in this woman’s presence, I’ll probably be in stitches (if you get the joke, then you get the joke). 

5- Mohanad Al Hattab

Okay, here’s the deal, an insane amount of Egyptians adore Hattab, he’s undoubtedly hilarious, I just feel guilty for laughing sometimes because it’s mostly built on, well, making fun of people? I don’t know man, no one can deny he’s funny as hell, he’s amazing at personifying, he’s legit fun and he never fails to make people smile. His videos are also, unfailingly, unpoint. My favorite thing about them is that he created different characters, then built different types of jokes based on the personality with each character; from Yoga wiz Noga to Ka2eban, he literally added so much more effort than many other Instagram-based comedians. 

6- Eslam Hossam

I’m literally just smiling thinking of his videos! His sense of humour is just one of a kind; one of the very few people that can get you laughing to tears. He’s a doeser (go watch his vids if you don’t get that :p). It’s insane how excited I get when I see that he posted a new video and my day is automatically made. 

7- Amira Adeeb

Finally someone from our generation! Amira started her YouTube channel around 10 months ago and has been blessing us with amazing content ever since. She’s usually surprised why people watch her videos and why she’s got 1000 subscribers, well let me tell you love, you’re hilarious, relatable, humble, creative and I really enjoyed each and every video you’ve posted so far. I’m also a HUGE Omo Mahmoud fan!

8- Amr Wahba

علمياً هو ممثل لكن عملياً he’s the funniest person on Instagram.

Ya7yoo7yyyy!! From SNL to Kalabsh to El Kewayeseen and Lahfa, Amr Wahba is off to a great start in his acting career. He’s one of those people who can make a joke out of ANYTHING and I love him for it. His Instagram captions always always crack us up and let’s not talk about his adorable son! Can’t wait to see more of him on screen.

9- Sherine Arafa

It’s never boring with her! She’s always back with a special video everyone definitely relates to! One of her videos was about different ways people talk in whatsapp voice notes and it’s crazy how accurate it was! One thing I also love her for is how she’s always making fun of influencers, her campaign against them is one of the best things that’s happened on social media. Oh, did I mention that she just started filming a new mosalsal? Very excited for this; GOOD LUCK SHERINE!

10- Tameem Youness

Sometimes, when someone’s being dumb on social media I feel like asking him for advice on comebacks! No one does a good roast like Tameem Youness, to be honest. Btw, will it be repetitive if I ask you to bring back Raseeni? Well, I’m doing it anyway lol. It certainly says something if the last episode was released three years ago and it’s still one of the funniest things on YouTube! So I’m begging you, just one last episode, I need closure!!!

Well guys, that’s about it, we hope you liked it, cause this list is legendary, okay?

Till next time,

Fadila and Zeina

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