11 Summer Activities to Do When You’re Bored, Broke, or Both

By: Malak Atwa

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been waiting for summer vacation for a very long time. And now that it’s finally here I constantly find myself laying around on my phone doing absolutely nothing and just bored out of my mind. So, I have compiled yet another list of things to do and places to go – alone or with company – this summer to alleviate your boredom.

#1 Escape Rooms

Personally, my absolute favorite activity. Escape rooms are literally the best places to go to any time of the year, but especially during the summer time. If you aren’t familiar with escape rooms: it’s usually a place with a bunch of different themed rooms and you get to choose your preferred theme, they give you a backstory and how you got there and what you’re supposed to do. You have to find a bunch of keys and discover codes to unlock stuff and you have exactly 60 minutes to escape the room. I highly suggest you check one out if you’ve never been. The horror themed rooms are my personal favorites. 

#2 Picnics

A very simple, yet very fun activity. The best time to have a picnic is during sunset, that way the sun isn’t too bright and you won’t get sunburned or completely melt from the heat. You can make your own food and snacks or you can just get some pizza or Maccdonalds. Also having a radio would be a great way to kill the silence or even downloading a movie on netflix. This could also be one of the activities you do alone. You don’t need to have a picnic with someone for it to be fun. You can go all by yourself. Grab your favorite book or movie even. Just being one with nature is the perfect way to best the summer heat.

#3 Unleashed 

If you’re in Egypt then you should probably check out this place called “unleashed” in Concord in Tagamoa. It’s pretty much the perfect place to manage all your anger, disappointment and stress from finals. To cut it short: you break anything and everything. Literally heaven if you ask me. Like escape rooms, you book a room – the rooms are filled with stuff for you to break – and then you break whatever you want – while obviously wearing protective goggles and suits. There’s glass, tv, pretty much anything and everything that comes to your mind. 

# 5 Museums

Call me a geek all you want but I absolutely love museums. They’re so fun. Whether they’re historical museums or artistic ones. They’re literally the best. And, rarely ever crowded – if its not tourist season. If you’ve never been to one then you probably should. Just seeing the artifacts before your very eyes, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s a wonderful feeling. 

#6 f.r.i.e.n.d.s

If you’re a friends fan and you live in Egypt then you should go to port said or port fouad where the iconic Central Perk cafe is located. It’s almost the exact same as the cafe in the show. You can even make a road trip out of it with your friends or even alone.

#7 Movie!

Another simple thing to do this summer. Watch a movie. This summer there’s an incredible amount of iconic and great movies coming out like Aladdin, Toy story 4, the lion king, Godzilla and much much much more. Go to your local cinema and check them out or even just watch them at home. 

#8 Swim

You don’t need to go far for a good swim. You could go to a gym with pools and have a pool day with your friends or family or even by yourself, or even go to your nady and go to its pool. The absolute best way to beat the summer heat.

#9 Read

Read a book. That’s literally it. Try something new, or different. If you’re not much of a reader, then try it. You might end up loving it actually who knows.

#10 Concert(s) 

Go to a concert. If you know a band or artist you like is going to be playing somewhere near you then go, even if it might be a little expensive. You can’t put a price on your happiness. If there’s going to be a show with live audience then maybe check it out, get the first preview.

#11 Try Something New

You can get a summer – paid – internship. Not only will you gain experience working which would look great on your college application or your CV, but you’ll also get money which if we’re being honest isn’t such a bad thing. You can take summer courses to improve certain skills that you may have. You could also start working out or taking dance classes. Just get out of the house.

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