I Owe It to My Soul

By: Hanna Haitham

i owe it to my soul

they’ll wonder why i did it
some may even know
but after all this living
i think it’s time to go

what do i have to stay for
will i fill these empty holes
so i’ll cross into the unknown
i owe it to my soul

will anyone hear the trigger?
will the neighbors feel me as I bleed?
i know this makes me a sinner,
they’ll think it was blasphemy

but how can i go on living
when the fight has left me long ago
there’s only so much hope i’m given
and i owe it to my soul

should i write a note
should i shed a few tears
for the ones i love the most
will they think about me in a couple years

should i think about it
or should i sink into the unknown
but there’s now way i doubt that
i owe it to my soul

a soul that keeps on giving
but do its pieces ever repair
this is not my place, the life i’m living
my shelter is far from here

i know that i’m a sinner
but i’ll dive into the unknown
in this life, no one is a winner
and i owe this to my soul

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