We’re At the End of the Line

By: Hanna Haitham

scared of what’s to come
but i’m not the only one
i can see it in your eyes
you fear the future, please don’t lie

we got caught up in this life
let our best years pass us by
and all the decisions we had to take
ate away at the home we made

maybe i’d let myself get caught up in your laugh
because it reminded me of the time
when all we had was ourselves
a time when you were truly mine

maybe i’d get caught up in our past
and forget about this life
were we ever built to last
were you ever truly mine

at the end of the line
your embrace keeps me from falling
your voice takes me back to the time
when we couldn’t help but fall in

mapped out our life
and embraced it with arms open wide
had your back and you had mine
and we had faith on our side

but that was long ago
we’ve come so far since
now i can’t help but feel alone
as i dream of what we had been

at the end of this line
our memories holding me close
they remind me of a time
and that we are all i know

will i jump the line
will i look at you over the edge
or will i close my eyes and confine
all my worries instead

scared of what’s to come
you know that we aren’t alright
we are not the fortunate ones
we’re at the end of the line

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