New Year’s Resolutions Are Absolute Crap and This is Why I’m Not Making One This Year

By: Malak Atwa

Fuck new years resolutions. I don’t swear, almost ever, but I am absolutely livid with none-other than myself. At the end of every year I sit down on my dinner table and write out a list of goals that I’d like to accomplish during that year, some of them are quite basic and simple and universal like: This year I’ll be happy, or this year I’ll read more. While other goals are quite far out of my reach and/or materialistic as hell like: This year I’ll go to Italy, or I’ll get the new iphone. 

At the end of that year, when I sit down once again to write next year’s resolutions, I discover that I achieved absolutely nothing. I then fall into this whirlwind of frustration and disappointment, feeling like an absolute failure. I open instagram, or social media in general, only to find “influencers”, celebrities and my friends sharing all of their “success” and accomplishments this year. “2019 rewind”. I’m not being resentful, I’m very happy for everyone who accomplished anything that they were working hard for, you truly deserve only the best, however, every time I see these posts I’m only reminded of how much of a failure I am, but once again that is no-ones fault but my own. 

But here’s the secret: social media is a scam, meaning what you see isn’t real, or isn’t the full picture. Yes, these people have accomplished what they wanted, but you didn’t see how long they’ve been working, or all of the blood, sweat, and tears shed from that. You don’t see them failing, you only see the good. 

I’m gutted by how I unconsciously rooted for my own failure by not even trying to achieve anything on my list and just waiting for them to magically happen on their own, and whenever I did try to do anything; I failed miserably. But, success isn’t overnight. The goals that you set for yourself they may take a month, they may take a day, or they may take 10 years. And to compare your year and your accomplishments to other peoples’ by what you see on social media is not only irrational but also ludicrous. Because its only from one perspective, it’s only from one point of view. You don’t see the trial and error, only god knows what actually happened behind that screen. 

Fuck this tradition. Fuck this “new year, new me” crap. It’s useless, it’s time consuming, it’s draining and it literally solves 0.000003% of your problems, if not even less. I get it, a new year, also known as “ a new beginning” does sound promising and motivational, but by February, you’re just done with it and want the year to end. You’re drained because you’ve been running like a headless chicken, hustling trying so hard to accomplish as much as humanly possible before you lose hope so that you can say that you accomplished something that year.

Note to literally everyone: you don’t need to “accomplish” anything to have a successful, or a good year. Why can’t you just have fun? Life doesn’t need to be so serious all of the time. Its tiring and exhausting. You’re only young once, make the most out of it. Take risks, be a little mischievous, go out on adventures. Just have fun. Stop stressing about what’s yet to come because you won’t benefit from that, if anything it’ll only harm you more.

“Khaleke motafa2la”

The most annoying words that have ever been uttered by anyone. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to be optimistic, I’d buy Mark Zuckberg if he was on sale. Being optimistic won’t help you, however, getting up and actually working and doing things that are substantial, now that will help you. That is what’s going to make your year. That is how you will achieve your goals.

To make a very long story short: fuck new years resolution. You should drop it and simply live in the moment. Do, not only what makes you happy, but comfortable too. Get out of your comfort zone every now and then though. And most importantly remember that just because you haven’t achieved all of your goals for the year, that does not define you and it doesn’t make you a failure. Learn to walk at your own pace before you run in someone else’s’. Take your time. And have a blessed 2020.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions Are Absolute Crap and This is Why I’m Not Making One This Year

  1. Exactly! Thank you so much. I have recently left my job and have been hustling to find another one. I got myself a temp job not be an utter potato couch however everyone has been stressing me out about finding a main job more stable that I haven’t gotten enough luck to find. Your article just gave me some room to breath cuz god I have been anxious for so long now


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