Do You Shave? Here’s How You Can Get Rid of “Strawberry Legs” for Good

By: Mariam El Naggar

Hair removal plays a big part in the lives of women, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians who invented sugaring (sweet); heating water lemon and sugar together. According to a British survey, the average woman spends 72 days shaving her legs over her lifetime. If done safely, you’ll get the smooth refreshing looking skin you love to have; sadly, sometimes it isn’t so glamorous and you might find yourself with strawberry legs. In case you don’t know, strawberry legs is a term used to describe skin looking pink spotted with white or dark dots. These aren’t dangerous or harmful and people generally experience strawberry legs after shaving.

Strawberry legs can be treated in several ways using home remedies. Exfoliating your skin regularly will softly remove skin cells from your legs which will, in turn, reduce the effects of strawberry legs. This is because it makes it easier for new hair to grow. Another option is using a product containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid – these can be found in a lot of acne products that can be bought without prescription from a pharmacy. These treat acne conditions that can be causing or attributing to the symptoms of strawberry legs. You can also use an epilator which is a tool designed to pluck the hair from the root, although this can be irritating and sometimes painful it effectively treats the appearance of strawberry legs.

Alternatively, if home remedies don’t lead to positive results, you may opt for professional treatment; this includes electrolysis or laser therapy. Electrolysis uses low levels of electricity to permanently destroy the hair follicle – this prevents ingrown hairs which reduces strawberry legs. Lastly, laser therapy is an effective method of treatment for strawberry legs. Despite the need for multiple sessions to permanently remove hair, it is targeted and precise. It won’t damage any skin and will prevent ingrown hairs from recurring which simultaneously prevents strawberry legs.

To prevent future recurrence of strawberry legs you should make sure you’re shaving properly. Using old or cheap razors and not changing your razor regularly leads to razor burn which can lead to strawberry legs. Skipping shaving cream or shaving on simply wet skin can also attribute to your symptoms. You should also be careful to moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly as well to help reduce ingrown hairs. Keeping your skin hydrated will improve the appearance of your skin and relieve or prevent the symptoms of strawberry legs.

For some people, strawberry legs are easily managed. Prevention measures and self-care can have significant effects, so you can treat strawberry legs on your own. But, for people with thicker hair, darker skin pigmentation, and other hair follicle compilations, strawberry legs might re-appear more often and be more difficult to treat. If this is the case for you, professional treatment options may be your most effective option for long-term symptom relief. In some cases, there is an underlying condition that is causing the appearance of strawberry legs that requires treatment. In this case, a doctor will prescribe medication to treat the condition and after successful treatment, strawberry legs should disappear.

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