11 Tiktok Videos That Are Still Totally Trending RN

By: Latifa Amr

Okay, so tiktok, where should I begin? This app has literally sucked me into its sweet, might I add slowly time consuming, addiction. But before I share my fav videos that have been blasting on the for you page these couple of weeks, I must guide you to a time before this tragedy, to a time where I used to finish my assignments ahead of their deadline, a time when I used to get proper sleep, a time BEFORE I STARTED DANCING LIKE CHARLI D’AMELIO. Okay, all I remember is that I used to constantly sef on my friend because he watched Adidas vids, not the brand, the 5000 geneh ahom ya sahby videos, then I started watching Mokey (an Egyptian youtuber who constantly makes vid about tiktok) so I got kind of intrigued, and this winded up with me downloading tiktok as a joke, spending hours and even trying to learn some moves, making my own videos and staying up till 4 in the morning when i need to get up at 8 *face palm*

  1. Adidas videos

Okay, if you haven’t seen any of his videos you’re a) living under a fucking rock, and b) missing out on a lot of saf material. He’s in a commercial! So yeah you probably should just download tiktok right now just for adidas’ 5000 geneh ahom ya sahby, matkhalish had yekalemak keda tani.

  1. Flip the switch challenge 

This one’s funny af, even all the celebrities are doing it. Basically you and another person stand in front of a mirror, one’s dancing and the other’s holding a phone, so when the song goes “I just flipped the switch”, the lights go off and really quick, you switch outfits and places w/ each other.

  1. Renegade dance

So, if you’ve ever heard of tiktok, there are basic elites that hold the app and they decide what’s hot and what’s not and the queen of all this is none other than Charli D’amelio and what Charli does all the 12 y/o will copy (including us gen z-ers who are obsessed), so this is pretty much one of her dances that we try to learn by heart and soul.

  1. Break my stride

The 80’s hit has yet again revived itself once more, the lyrics are pretty strange in the beginning as it starts with a weird dream, so what you do is go text your grandma, your boomer dad or even your friend the lyrics, see how they’re gonna respond, screenshot the chat and boom you got yourself a trending vid up in seconds.

  1. Any puppy video (LITERALLY)

You’re a heartless bitch if you see a pup video and keep on scrolling, you must watch till the very end, like the video, comment on how adorable the little rascal is and don’t you dare ignore him/her because that’s just mean! I could spend hours on tiktok just watching doggos run around.

  1. Afashat henedy

It’s fun how any Henedy movie is part of our childhood and we all get the memes, so it is even more fun when you re-enact your favorite scenes of these movies (like the one from amir el behar, when he’s eating beleela)

  1. Ghetto, ratatata

Personally this is one if my fav vids, why? Well, its light and its funny and you can put it on any shit and it’s still gonna be funny, these are the kind of tiktoks that we gotta respect.

  1. El chocolata di beta3tak?

If you want a tiktok where everyone’s included, this one’s the one! Its easy to make and its getting the credit it deserves, the only downside is how to perfect it.

  1. Who is more challenge

You can do this with your parents, your friends, your gf/bf, whoever, and its gonna be cute and fun.

  1. Molto magnum

Even if you’ve been hiding out from society for the last decade, you must have encountered the new molto commercial, yes the one that has ahla talata fel hayah: Ruby, Maged El Kedwany, and Ahmed Malek. This is a pretty trending lip sync over the recently popular commercial.

11. Beida – Tameem Youness

EVERYONE is doing the (terribly) catchy song with the boiled egg Tameem Youness practically invented like, 2 weeks ago. It’s just so easily stuck in your head, I can’t.

 Needless to say, I cannot survive a day w/out this app, so if you feel like you have nothing worth living for just download tiktok for god’s sake.

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