13 Simple DIY Ideas to Get Creative and Make Your Room More Pinterest-y

By: Jana Shorbagy

This quarantine has given us a lot of time on our hands, right? So, how about we use it to spice up our rooms a bit and make them a bit more pinterest-y? I’ve done the effort for you and listed some pretty cool and super easy DIY decoration ideas, all you need is to dive in to yourself and get ready for some creativity. Don’t worry, most of the things you need are already in your house, take it away, let’s see if we can make our rooms as gorgeous as the ones on Pinterest.

1-make garlands from paper cut-outs

Cut shapes from different colored paper at your house or re-use some and carefully string them before hanging them up in your room.

2-use paint remains to cover your wall

Have a blank, boring, white wall? Do you also have paint remaining? Grab a sibling or even your mom, and cover up your wall with bits and pieces of it, be creative and use different colors – if you keep it minimal it’ll be fantastic!

3-hang up an adorable printable calendar 

We often lose track of days on vacation but here’s how to cutely keep track of the days and what you’re doing!


Use some old newspaper lying around by sticking it all over a portion of a bland wall, grab some paint and some brushes, and art-away.


if you’re a travel junkie, this is for you, look how cool this is! use your printer to print out your fav pics from your travels and have fun connecting them to locations on a wall map.

6-recover a boring lampshade

take the lampshade off – slowly – and consider painting over it, writing your favorite quote in a loop all-round, or printing out a picture or a collection of pictures and sticking them all over. Don’t be afraid to use other materials like string and yarn and paper too!

7-hang your favorite quotes and pictures!

Everyone is missing the homies right now and some positivity so print out a group of pics and a bunch of cute empowering quotes and hang them up.

8-hang up an old white board or chalkboard

9-fairy lights

Fairy lights, the most Pinterest-y trend yet, you can hang them as strings above your bed, over your mirror or however you’d like. They’re so pretty and extremely instagrammable and yes please.


Feeling a bit artsy? Paint on the walls, on the mirror, or even on your door.


You can literally print out anything from the internet as long as you have ink, maybe a pic of your favorite singer or maybe its a cool design but print it. Better yet, you can totally make a moodboard from this!


Plants and flowers literally have the power to make everything look pretty! There are so many places you can buy plants, you can even get them delivered from Mashtal or Plant Cult, it’s super cool.

13- stickynotes

If you’ve seen All the Bright Places than you probably know what I’m talking about, stick a bunch of sticky notes on your wall next to each other and just write or doodle on them.

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