5 Tiktok Food Trends We’re Making in Ramadan Just Because (They’re Yummy)

By: Areeba

Let’s be real, your screen time has gone up a lot more than usual now that we are at home and fasting, because god forbid we use this time to be productive and learn things, right? We’re just flipping through Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok because ain’t nobody texting you on Whatsapp. So, I’m just being the ever-loving peaceful angel I am and compiling the Tik Tok food trends to try for your lazy asses, compared to the soggy atayef in your fridge, this is heaven.

Dalgona Coffee

If you don’t know about this one you are pretty much living under a rock. You basic white bitches can’t access your sad Starbucks coffee so might as well try this smoothly blended creamy coffee not overloaded and watered down by half a cup of ice.

-Get a cute aesthetic glass because let’s be honest your bored ass WILL snap this basic trendy coffee.

– In a bowl mix together 1 tablespoon of sugar and INSTANT coffee, then add a tablespoon of hot water. This is important so the coffee can create stiff peaks

– If you’re not broke then use an electric whisk to whisk that coffee up babbbbbyyyyyy. Keep whisking until it’s whipped and peaky. For the peasants, use a normal whisk to whisk that cutie up, fair warning it is gonna take you some time but do you really have anything better to do?

-Now in a glass put some ice to your liking and then add some milk.Then mix the whipped coffee into the glass and snap it while you’re at it.

-Honestly if you still do not get it then just spend enough time on Tik Tok so your visual learning brain can process it.

A tip, you can also do this with hot chocolate powder instead of coffee and make some cold chocolate milk.

Japanese Fruit Sandwiches

This is a very recent food trend on Tik Tok and it is a very popular sandwich in Japan- if you are a weeb that watched anime you would have mistaken it for strawberry cake.

Grab a bowl and pour some whip cream into it. Whip that cream, whip it good, suck the whip cream like you shoullllllddd… sorry got carried away.

Anyway once the whipped cream is whipped , throw a nae nae in there too (please kills me quarantine is making me cringe-y AF) 

Grab some nice white toast bread, it has to be white because fruit sandwiches taste weird in brown bread.

Cut some strawberries in half after removing the stem (don’t forget to wash it you nasty)

Then cut off the sides of the white toast bread,flop some generous amount of whip cream onto both the slices of bread.Put the slices of strawberries on one slice and cover it up with the other bread slice that also has while cream.

Carefully wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge for 2 hours.

Bring it back out and soft chomp on that yummy treat.

If you’re a dumbass like me and made too much whipped coffee for your milk here’s something you can do with the leftover dalgona coffee.


It’s easy enough to implement just look up the recipe, do I look like a reliable Cook book to you?!?! 

Nutella mug cake 

Nutella is unreasonably expensive according to my mom because she once bought off brand Nutella and said it’s the same because it’s just a chocolate hazelnut spread too, it’s basically chocolate gold.

Grab a mug and put two thicc tablespoons of Nutella 

Then add 1 egg.

Mix it up 

Add 3 tablespoons of flour 

Pinch of baking powder 

Mix it all together 

And then add a big THICC tablespoon of Nutella and be hella generous with it because that is what will make the cake gooooood

Microwave it for 40 secs or more if needed 

Oreo Mug Cake

To quote the God tier social media, this is from Oreo twitter itself 

Life hack:

1 mug

3 crushed up OREO cookies

3 tablespoons milk


Microwave for 40 seconds

Enjoy…and thank me later.

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