What It’s Like to Heal

By: Hanna Haitham

sensitivity is not weakness

it is strength you see

that i allow myself to feel

without the insecurities 

i don’t fret after every tear

my heart wills me to cry

i don’t bury my feelings in

and watch my aching soul die

i revel in my emotions

even the ones i don’t want to feel

i don’t search for validation

i allow myself to heal

you may think that bottling it up

is the brave thing to do

you may live by what society

chooses to define you

you may sink your feelings deep

and say you don’t need to feel

you may choose to keep

your definition of how you should be

but i know when you’re alone

you often choose to wonder

what if you allowed your heart to breathe

instead of keeping it under

what if you wore it on your sleeve

and allowed yourself to feel

i know you always wonder

what it’s like to heal 

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