30 Trusted Online Therapists, Centers, and Resources for Your Mental Health

By: Ali Sakr

So, it really goes without saying that these times are difficult – even more so for anyone who is dealing with any form of mental illness. And even if you’re not, I’m quite sure that everyone could use some support right now, and that’s why we’ve decided to do our part to help.

With help from Lilac, Egypt’s leading mental health community, we’ve compiled a list of trusted Egyptian personnel and licensed centers that provide online services – from online sessions to posting on social media.


First off, let’s start with some Instagram accounts you can follow (not necessarily all Egyptian) that post mental health-related content regularly. I personally think this section is intended for everyone; a few reminders a day to check in with yourself and methods to do so can’t really have any effect that isn’t positive.

  1. Lilac


  1. Heal Counseling Center 


  1. Noha El Nahas

Founder of Heal Counseling Center, Psychology professor at AUC, and generally a very open and well-loved person.


  1. Shezlong

This is the one for you if you prefer Arabic content


  1. Dr. Anne Justus





And next up, here are a few particularly recommended centres with both psychiatrists and psychotherapists. The main difference between the two is that traditionally, psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe medication, while psychotherapy is often more focused on talking rather than medication, though they can be used together as well.

  1. Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic (Heliopolis/Mohandessin)

In addition to psychometric assessments, which most of the centres on this list offer, they also nutrition programs and hospital consultancy.

Extra Contact Info: doc.adly@goodhope-eg.com, http://goodhope-eg.com

  1. Inside-Out Counseling Center (Nasr City)

*They also offer marriage counseling

  1. The Behman Hospital (Zamalek)
  1. Elements (Maadi)

*Group therapy and educational therapy also offered


And now, a list of some more great centres in various locations, some of which offer some unique services which will be highlighted too.

  1. City Clinic (New Cairo/6th of October)

*only offers child psychiatry 

  1. Gestalt Mental Health Professionals (New Cairo)
  1. Care Clinics (New Cairo)
  1. Integrative Psychiatry Clinics (New Cairo)

* offers group sessions, art, and online sessions

  1. Balance Psychology Centre (New Cairo)
  1. إدراك للطب النفسي (6th of October/Nasr City)
  1. The Wellness Hub (Heliopolis)
  1. Psych Clinics (Nasr City)
  1. Dr. David George Psychiatriy Clinic (واحة حياة) (Giza)
  1. Nūn Center (Zamalek)
  1. Malachite Institute for Behavioral Health (Zamalek)
  1. Serenity Psychology Centre (Maadi)

*offers monodrama, psychodrama, group, family, and couples therapy

  1. Maadi Psychology Centre (Maadi)
  1. Nine Psychology (Maadi)
  1. The Counseling Unit for Psychological Development (Maadi)
  1. Harmony Psychiatry Clinic (Maadi)
  1. Osana Family Wellness (Maadi)
  1. مركز شمس للإستشارات النفسية د.نبيل القط – Shams Psychology Center (Mokattam)
  1. مركز الريادة لعلاج الادمان والطب النفسى (Alexandria)


And finally, domestic violence hotlines.

So, that’s all we’ve got for now. We truly hope this can be of help, and always remember to reach out for support if you ever feel you need to.

Stay safe, and take care of yourself!

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