5 Bomb Chocolate Desserts You Can Make At Home to Mend Your Heart

By: Latifa Amr

Listen up, I know that this year’s been giving us the “end of the world” vibe these past couple of months, but you bet your ass that this crisis won’t stop my inner chef from bursting out every now and then. Despite the kitchen being my mom’s territory (and that she feels threatened when I try baking anything) she could never tie up my respectable baking/cooking techniques that are Gordon Ramsy-level. So, I decided to grant y’all the courtesy and share with you my favorite, mouthwatering desserts that will possibly blow your sweet tooth, so get your lazy butt off the couch and go to your kitchen rn, channel that inner chef and let’s get baking! 

CHOCO ALERT: all these recipes will soothe and mend your heart and if you got a sweetie like me you better stick around for these bomb ass desserts.

Lazy (Just Like You) Cake

So, this is a pretty simple, basic no-bake cake, that tastes BOMB! No joke, I love this weird cake because it’s also kind of an ice cream cake, which makes it double the fun!

All you need:

* 2 packets of digestive (or marie)

* 5 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder

* 7 tbsp of room temp butter

* 1/2 a can of condensed milk (may need the rest)

How to:

1- Grab your regular mixing bowl and start combing your ingredients and break the biscuits to get them all nice and coated 

2- Gently spoon the mixture and go ahead and store it in a container (or aluminum foil if you wanna get that loaf look)

3- Leave it in for a couple of hours (3 to 4)

4- And voila!


I know that I might get attacked for what I’m about to say but here it goes: I never was a big fan of brownies tbh, however when my friend made me hers I was head over heels in love with this chocolate-y, fudge-y piece of heaven and you’re in luck bc I’m spilling her secret recipe:

You need:

* 2/3 cups of cocoa powder

* 150 grams of butter

* 2 1/2 cups of white sugar

* 1 tsp of baking powder

* 1 tsp of baking soda

* 1 tsp of vanilla

* 1 tsp of salt

* 1 1/4 cup of flour

* 4 eggs

(extra i know, but totally worth it)

How to:

1- Preheat your oven to 180, then start off with 2 separate bowls, one for the dry ingredients and the other for the wet ones

2- After you whisk the wet ingredients combine them gradually with the dry ones

3-  Pour the batter in your pan and stick it in the oven for 35 to 40 mins

Cake Pops

If you want quick and cute treats this recipe is for you! These pops are to die for, they melt all your pain away with just one bite, 10/10 would recommend bc they’re soo fucking tasty. I’ve also happened to steal this one from one of my friends (we were all dying to know how she gets us sugar rushed)

You need:

* 1 pack of oreos

* 1/2 a box of kiri (the small box)

* 1/4 cup of milk

* 2 packets of dream whipping cream

* cooking chocolate (dark or white)

* Sprinkles (to make them even more cute and seem professional)

* Sticks

How to:

1- Get those Oreos crushed, you want them to reach a powder constancy

2- Take a bowl, add the milk, cream cheese, whipping cream, whisk away then the crushed Oreos

3- Take the chocolate and melt a little piece so you can apply it to the stick, ball up the mixture and attach it to the stick

4- Stick it in the fridge for like an hour, then melt the  chocolate one more time

5-  After that you can just dip the Oreo in the chocolate and finish off with sprinkles!


Okay, so I’m basically a choco-holic at this point but hey, you’re getting some fun out of it too, and nothing screams better with chocolate than custard. I mean, god I’m having a food coma just writing about it, filled up all nice and juicy with custard from the inside, soaked in chocolate sauce from the outside, like this, this is heaven y’all.

You need: 

* FILLING (custard):

* 3 generous tbsp flour

* 2 small eggs

* 2 cups of milk

* 3/4 cup of sugar

* 1 tbsp butter

* Pinch of vanilla

How to:

1- First go in with the flour, eggs, sugar, butter and 1 cup of milk, whisk them in a pot before you heat them up

2-  Heat up the other cup of milk either in the microwave or on the stove which ever you prefer

3- After you get that silky texture put the mixture on the stove and start pouring the milk

4- Continue to whisk until it reaches a “mahalabeya” kind of texture

NOTE: don’t you dare leave it out of your sight or else bye bye to this batch


* 1 cup of water

* 115 grams of butter

* 1 generous tbsp of sugar

* Pinch of salt

* 1/2 tsp of vanilla

* 1 cup of flour

* 3 eggs

How to:

1- In a pot apply the water and butter on the stove until they come to a boil

2- Add in the flour and keep stirring as it turns to a dough like texture put it away for it to chill for a bit 

3-  When its in cool mode you can add the eggs to it, whisk, whisk, whisk all your troubles away

4- After you’re done just ball them up and stick that baby in the oven for a decent couple of minutes (no specific timing, just till it reaches that golden crispy color)

* TOPPING (chocolate sauce)

* 1/2 cup of chocolate pieces 

* 1/3 cup of whipping cream

How to:

1- melt chocolate and add whipping cream, mix’em all together (h.m reference ik!) till they get that saucey texture

Dirt Cake

At this point I’m waiting for a doc to inform me that sth is wrong with me, I mean, this is too much sugar even for me! But I swear, this actually makes me feel like I’m soaring on a magic carpet flying across the clouds and yes, you’re going to the maximum level of chef-ness where you’re even better than Duke’s itself, and this is all you need:

* 1 box of chocolate cake mix (follow instructions and bake accordingly)

* 4 ounces of pudding mix

* 2 cups of milk

* 2 cups of whipped cream

* 2 cups of crushed Oreos

* Chocolate fudge sauce (optional)

Hot to:

1- Get that oven preheated at 175

2- Follow instructions on the cake box then put it in the oven (tip: if you don’t have parchment paper just put a little oil and flour to cover the base of the cooking dish so nothing can stick)

3- Add the pudding mix with the milk, whipped cream and whisk until they’re well combined, now you can add the cookies

4- Let the cake cool down for about 20 minutes, then you can crush it in a container and add in the cookie mixture 

5- Drizzle that fudge sauce and let it sit in the fridge for w solid hour

Who knew cooking would be this easy? I mean this quarantine isn’t bad after all you know (okay, it’s reallyyyy bad), but at least hanetla3 “setat beyout” like mama wants after all *face palm*.

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