My Favorite Thing About Quarantine? Not Having to Wear a Bra

By: Jumana

Okay, straight up, I know we’ve all been not wearing bras since quarantine started, at least, I know I haven’t. Honestly, what’s the point, really, it’s not like I’m going out or something.  Surprisingly (not really) it turns out that there are quite a few benefits to not wearing a bra, here are a few: 

Disclaimer: if wearing a bra is more comfortable for you, if you have breasts on the bigger side, and a bra helps with the pain that comes with that, then go right ahead and ignore everything I’m saying. This is an article for all of us who feel uncomfortable with a bra but have grown up being taught that it is the only way to exist as a girl and that there’s no way around it. 

We´ve all been told that bras stop our breasts from sagging, but is that really true? Of course not. So basically, our pectoral muscles tighten to perk our breasts up against gravity, but when we’re always wearing a bra, they stop working as much and so our breasts sag. Not wearing a bra can give the illusion of bigger breasts, perkier breasts, and an overall better look.

Secondly, wearing a bra is actually disruptive to the arms and torso’s circulation. Since a bra is always tight and constricting, circulation slows down which I really don’t need to explain how dangerous that is. Ditching the bra actually improves circulation which helps keep the organs work optimally, helps fight off potential diseases and illnesses and maintains the levels of oxygen in the blood, keeping the heart and lungs working efficiently. 

Thirdly, if you wear a bra to bed, that can actually be detrimental to your sleep, a study on the way bras affect our circadian rhythms reveal that taking them off at night is better. So, if you’re wearing a bra to bed because you think it’ll make your breasts look better, trust me it won’t, and if you’re having trouble sleeping and you wear a bra to bed, you may wanna try sleeping without it. 

Okay, so we all know we shouldn’t wear tight, restricting clothes the whole day, right? We have to let our skin breathe for a while. And that’s exactly how it is with a bra. Wearing a bra the entire time traps oil, dirt and sweat close to the skin, thus getting breakouts, rashes, maybe even a skin infection (yes, it’s that serious). 

Those are all some health related problems, but if you want to simply be more comfortable and save money (since you won’t be buying as much bras), then go for it and ditch the bra, it won’t even take that long to get used to so no worries. 

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