A Quick Review of the Best and Worst Ramadan Mosalsalat So Far

By: Zeina El Mofty

I’ve been a mosalsalat Ramadan guru for as long as I can remember. My sister and I used to make huge-ass spreadsheets of every series with its name, air-times, e3adas, channels and channel numbers to make sure we didn’t miss any. All that was of course, way before Watchit or Shahid existed. And under the shade of the quarantine umbrella, I’ve had nothing else to do but watch Ramadan series and drink tea all night. So yeah, I might have an opinion or two 3ala almost every ramadan series that might or might not be valid. Enjoy.

Al Nehaya

I honestly found it pretty ironic to release such a series at a time of a global crisis. The story is set a hundred years from now. Some of us imagined life then as one driven by technology and general excelling of everything. You’d imagine everything with a modern aesthetic. On the other hand, some of y’all would imagine a corrupt future of extreme poverty and it’s almost as if this Earth is dry of liveliness. Well, this series portraits the future as neither of these things- or actually both. And although I find this pretty disturbing, it kind of makes sense. 

The plot is pretty complex and as intriguing as it is, understanding it is not exactly a piece of cake. I’d love to give you a hint about the story but I can’t really put it into words. Let me just tell you this: it’s pretty messed up. My opinion that no one asked for would be that I’m pretty damn proud that the Egyptian world of mosalsalat has started to introduce such a story that’s so out of everyone’s comfort zones. Two words. Pretty Neat.

Oh and chapeau Youssef El Sherif.

Lea’bet El Nesyan

I have so much to say about this. One, Yehia is adorable. Two, I lowkey have a crush on Mazen. Three, the first half of the series was 80% panic attacks. Four, literally everyone is sketchy and you don’t know who to believe. Five, what if it’s called le3bet el nesyan for a reason and it’s a faked nesyan or a planned one? Honestly, I have no idea what could possibly happen next and I find that rather smart to be honest. Although the story was initially very slow-paced but it’s currently very intriguing and the actors are very talented. W Dina el Sherbiny is absolutely brilliant.

 El Ekhteyar

Sabah el 3eyat. Although it feels more like a documentary than a series, al ekhteyar is nothing but greatness. I have to admit that I lacked awareness and everything I’ve originally known about these heroes’ stories was minimal and I bet I wasn’t the only one. The series is slightly repetitive, majorly heartbreaking and absolutely beautiful. Action series is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea but this one specifically fuels me with pride, because it’s way too personal.

W Neheb Tany Leh

It’s unrealistic, everyone’s in love, everything revolves around love, Karim Fahmy sets very high expectations for girls, it’s sometimes cringy and I LOVE IT. It’s light and sweet and you don’t feel stressed watching it, unlike plenty of other mosalsalat. So what if it’s not very credible? It’s nice to sometimes daydream like that. Also, Yasmine Abdelaziz is the only strong badass woman fighting for her freedom in any mosalsal and I’m here for it.

Forsa Tanya

I hate to criticize but the hell kind of mosalsal is this? So many flaws; it’s practically a comedy. Unrealistic, senseless, mostafiz and yet for no reason everyone is still watching it. Which again, is smart. How does something so bad intrigue people so much? I’d say more but the amount of jokes and memes made upon this series is more than enough to express. Gotta say something though, this is not necessarily the actors’ fault. It’s mostly the script writer, the director…etc. No pinning the blame though, all respect and if you hate it as much as everyone else does just don’t watch it 🙂

Shahid Eian

This is the series you probably didn’t know existed. That’s probably because it’s neither on Watchit nor Shahid, it’s on VIU. We’re all used to Hassan El Raddad in comedy roles, and lately, I personally haven’t been his biggest fan. To my surprise, however, in this drama he’s rather talented. The story is probably a mystery, featuring the beauties Basma and Hana Shiha. I sense that you probably do not feel like watching it but possibly add it to the list of series you’ll watch after Ramdan, I think you might like it.

Kheyanet Ahd 

I don’t know what’s with Ramadan Series and messed up families. It’s also pretty stressful to watch and it doesn’t make a lot of sense that family members go against each other so much. I’m personally not the biggest fan of how exaggerated and dramatic series and such are, however, if you’re as bored as I am, it’s pretty enjoyable to watch. Another highlight about it would be the fact that no one really expects what would happen next, and the less predictable the mosalsal is, the less lame.

Layalina 80

Truth to be told, I’ve only watched about 5 episodes of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing and the cast is legendary but it’s one of those mosalsalat which you lowkey know that you’ll like but you’re simply way too overwhelmed and are not up to watching it at the moment because of how heavy it seems. It definitely explores some incredibly interesting social and political issues that’ve rarely been touched upon.


Yet another messed up family, and honestly my personal favorite. A family of lucifers with no desire for anything but money. The amount of drama and nadala is indescribable. Hands down one of the best mosalsalat this year and the actors are so good, you genuinely hate them. 

B 100 Wesh

And Finally, my personal favorite. Everything about it is perfect, starting with the theme song. It’s legit funny, it’s creative, the actors are beyond talented, it’s not slow paced, it has the perfect balance between emotions and tafaha and last but not least, Asser Yassin. Guess it’s needless to say anything more. 

And that’s everything I know. Ramadan Kareem peeps <3, enjoy your kanaba time.

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