7 Fatal Dating Mistakes Almost Every Arab Girl Makes

By: Hagar Ezzo

Ladies, let’s be honest here, relationships can fail for a number of reasons. No one is 100% at
fault, though. We all make mistakes, we’re human. However, there are a few mistakes us girls make that are way too common, and just not acceptable anymore. Consider us guilty as
charged when it comes to these seven mistakes.

1. Letting Them Walk All Over You

It is not acceptable for him to get angry over anything and take it out on you. It is not acceptable for him to cuss you out over and over again and then give you some shitty excuse and apologize. It is not acceptable for him to treat you like shit and for you to turn the other way. It is not acceptable for him to constantly fuck you over. I am so tired of seeing these strong, wonderful girls take so much shit from men who can’t sort out their own issues. Know your worth girl, you’re not his punching bag.

2. Constantly Trying to Find Something to Fight About

Don’t lie, we all know a girl like this. I have to admit it, mesh hayenfa3 “temsekilo 3al wahda” kol shewaya. If something is bothering you, definitely tell him and communicate – but if you’re bored and just want to fight, I don’t really know what to tell you. Constantly digging through his DMs and stalking him and his friends on social media to find something to fight over, is kinda toxic (okay, maybe fully toxic). It’s not cute, stop.

3. Always Thinking He’s Cheating

It’s so deeply implanted in our culture that “3ashan el walad yeb2a gamed, lazem yekoun beta3 banat aw sha2et banat keteer”. This, obviously, has fucked up a lot of girls’ perspectives on guys and love. Girls, if you’re in a relationship and he has shown no possible signs that he’s cheating on you, TRUST HIM! I cannot stress this enough, if you have no reason to believe he’s cheating, then don’t believe he’s cheating! This can lead to many trust issues in your relationship later on, and he might start getting annoyed at your constant doubting.

4. He’s Your Boyfriend, Not Your Father

I am so TIRED of girls changing how they dress, act, talk or even the people they go out with for guys. You should not change the way you dress just to please him, you should not cut off your friends because he wants you to, you should not “stop swearing and act more ladylike” because he wants you to. Well, sorry but why is that behavior acceptable from you sir?

Be Yourself!

If I hear one more guy say “howa enty mesh mashya ma3 ragel” or anything else along the lines of that, I am going to lose my shit. Your fragile masculinity should have nothing to do with my existence, thank you.

5. Playing the Waiting Game

We all know this trope, “hat2al 3aleh 3ashan yegry waraya”, while it may work in some
circumstances, it can definitely lead to disinterest. It’s annoying to constantly wait for someone to answer, it’ll make you seem like you don’t have time for the other person or you’re just not interested enough in them to reply. Plus, let’s face it, ehna mabenhebesh ama el welad beyet2alo 3alena. So don’t be a hypocrite.

6. Trying to “Fix” a Guy

He’s a human, not your latest project. You can’t date someone in hopes of “fixing” them. A
person who wants to change will change, they’re not waiting for you to come along and do it for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s past trauma, issues, or they just have a bad personality – it’s not your responsibility. If you guys aren’t a good fit from the start, then you probably won’t be a good fit later in the relationship as well.

7. You’re His Girlfriend, Not His Mother

It’s not your place to clean up after him, teach him manners, or plan out his life for him. If he fucks up, it’s not your responsibility to apologize on his behalf. I get caring about someone, but sometimes it can get a bit out of hand and turn into becoming way too overprotective.

Maintaining a relationship can be hard with all the do’s and don’ts, I know. It takes both sides to make it work. I know how difficult it may be, but when you find the right person, the payoff is incredible.

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