12 Egyptian Teen Artists, Creatives, and Content Creators That Are Entertaining Us During Quarantine

By: Salma Gharraf

I’m pretty sure you’ve read a thousand intros/comments talking about how boring quarantine is. So, to make it short, being trapped between four walls can be kinda hard. And of course we’ve had more free time on social media, so this is a list of 12 teen artists, creatives, and content creators who are keeping us entertained during quarantine. They’re all amazing human beings, beyond just being talented and “instagram/tiktok” famous. We stan young, lit, and talented humans.

Hana Helal

This talented dancer is definitely entertaining us with her dance videos! Hana has become a staple dancer in every major music video, performance, and class in Egypt. She regularly posts dances from home on her Instagram account, and their choreography on YouTube. So, if you love dancing but can’t go to class, she’s got you covered!

Amira Adeeb

I’m pretty sure at least two other members of your family saw her video, discussing how she got back home from the US and talking about how the government made the process clean and safe. It basically blew up and she even appeared on TV, but that’s not the only thing she did. Giving us hilarious videos with her friends and family on her Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok acounts, has been truly making this shitty time a little easier. We’ve all definitely fallen in love with her parents and her bubbly personality. And we can confidently say that we believed in her before the world did. Amira is everything. P.S our latest interview with Amira is here.

Ziad Salem

This dude’s voice will bless your ears. With his “hatla3 aghani 3al selem” series, collabs with other tiktokers, making cool creative videos, clips of him attempting to hit famous singers’ high pitches or just normal covers of famous songs on both his tiktok and Instagram accounts. Ziad is also super funny and obviously loves to entertain, which is lit, for real.

Laila Ezzat

This girl gives my Instagram feed a colorful nature-like aesthetic. Other than having a badass style, she posts weekly IGTV videos, whether it be about self-care, a Q&A, getting on some Tiktok trends or fun collabs while cooking/baking or playing some games – she’s done it all. Also, she records cute and relatable videos on Tiktok. Laila is a queen, and we can all stan this particular one. P.S did you read our latest interview with Laila?

Nour Rizk

Idk about you, bas I SUCK at makeup, and I needed a break like the one in our hands right now to learn some tricks and gain some skills. That’s exactly what Nour Rizk is providing us with. Stunning makeup looks and tutorials fill her account, with a bunch of quirky Q&A videos with her friends. Also, she does funny impressions and videos on Tiktok, they’re kinda cute tbh. Nour isn’t just a makeup artists, she’s a creative, and a damn good one. Funfact: we interviewed Nour back in 2017, yes, 2017. She goes that far back and is as talented and badass as we predicted.

Karim Abdelrahman

This dude is amazing! It amazes me how professional and good he is at cooking at such a young age, when I can barely make an omelet without burning it (fully burning it at least). For all the foodies out there, Karim makes the best cooking videos, and since the beginning of quarantine, we are all trying out new recipes and dishes in the kitchen, so you could try some of his. Even if you don’t, watching his videos is enough fun on its own.

Tasneem El Aidy

When opening her account, you’ll be greeted with the biggest smile you’ll ever see. Our Arab Beyoncé! This girl has such a powerful, beautiful voice. She kills it every single time; posting covers on her Instagram without needing any music in the background: her talent is enough for us to be impressed. Also, she’s so cute she’s instantly lovable.

Yousef Soudan

Because of quarantine, some of us might have a problem with getting out of bed and doing anything, but this guy is trying to help motivate us. Yousef prepares health, nutrition and fitness content and videos for us, his newest series is Myths Busted where he explains some fitness misconceptions and gives the actual facts. He’s also working on a couple more series and we cannot wait to be more educated about our bodies. I have a feeling he’s about to surprise us.

Malak Heider

This young lady gives us all the fashion tips and tricks/styling ideas we need for our outfits. She’s filling our feed with cool content AND she’s been doing amazing collabs with local brands, encouraging us to shop local. Malak also does weekly Q&As on her stories where she gives us heavy doses of help, support, and empowerment. Let’s not forget that she’s THE feminist queen, and y’all know how much we respect a feminist queen. P.S our homebase’s feminist queen Farida El Shafie recently interviewed Malak, you can check it out here.


Aka @ameerisnotokay, this 17-year-old singer’s voice is so good and soothing, he’s gotten reposted by award-winning journalist and activist Ahmed Shehab El Din. If you’re in a bad mood, just listen and jam to the classics he’s singing, or to the freestyles he sometimes performs, with or without a guitar. Ameer is the kinda person you want to stalk when you just want to chill in bed and stare at the ceiling, he just exudes a calm charisma that’s honestly enviable.

Layla & Passant Faheem

These outgoing, adventurous, travel-loving sisters are possibly every Egyptian Gen-Z’s favorite siblings. Between the both of them; we’ve gotten makeup tips, feminist rants, crazy weird things we don’t quite understand but laugh at, lots of family-inspired IGTVs (and lots of weird questions), and they just make up the most amazing duo ever. You can stalk them on Instagram and the creative girls won’t let you down, prime content, for real.

To end this, here’s a mini list of possible collaborations we’d love to see:

Ziad x Ameer x Tasneem (eargasms are almost guaranteed, can you even imagine this?)

Layla + Passant x Amira Adeeb (recipe for disaster but yes please)

Malak Heider x Nour Rizk

Laila Ezzat x Karim Abdelrahman (y’all, imagine adding Laila to a kitchen run by Karim, uff!)

Hana Helal x Yousef Soudan (idk how, but this has potential, one just needs to look really hard)

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