Is My Friend Jokingly Flirting Wala Da Begad – The ‘Egyptian’ Version

We’ve come a long way lehad ma 3erefna neqne3 ahaleena en having a boy best friend is not haga 3eib or something that shouldn’t be done. Bas lel asaff el shedid the argument of whether a guy and a girl can be friends mn gheir “ma yeb2a fee benhom haga” is still ongoing with people on both sides of the debate presenting strong, valid points as to whether the relationship can be strictly platonic wala la2. So this article will not be about our guy bestfriends, let’s just keep it general and keep that argument for another time. 

We’ve all experienced habet flirtation from our guy friends and most of the time we can’t tell if he’s joking around or if he’s actually serious. Hell, i was put in a similar situation abl kda and i think i threw what could’ve been a really good relationship fl zebala because i simply ignored all the signs and convinced myself that we has joking because, yes i was naive enough to believe that if a guy likes me, he will come forth and tell me mn gheir laff w dawaran. He took that as en ana basoddo, w en I don’t like him, which wasn’t the case tbh. I actually really liked him just like he was, but I was afraid of rejection and that’s why I didn’t say anything. El mohem en he took my silence as en I didn’t want to be with him w lel asaff el shedid now we don’t even speak that much. 

Fa beghad el nazzar 3an en ana saraht mn the actual point of this article, I want you guys to be smarter than me. And don’t lose precious people over unclear signals w monawarat malhash lazma. 

And because we all know en boys can be either too slow or too fast when owning up to their feelings and finally speaking up, us girls have got to stand together and now with “if he’s picking on you yeb2a he likes you” crap. This is for the girls who can’t tell whether their guy friends are jokingly flirting or like actually flirting. 

I’ve looked in some decent places ya gama3a walahi, bas they all said things that normally don’t happen fe masr, like en he’s not calling you fe “booty call hours” but rather checking up on you during the day. Fa I’ll tell you the reasonable stuff I’ve come by, then Imma tell you the Egyptian guy version of el hagat dih to make it easier. 

  1. He compliments you. Not like in a kol feen w feen/ platonic way, no. I mean constantly complimenting you, 3ala ay taghyeer soghyar fe shakhseetek aw shaklek. 
  2. He always notices the little changes. Ghayartee tasree7et sha3rek, gebty blouse gedida, used a new perfume/lipstick enaharda.
  3. He pays attention to the things you say, and tries to constantly bring it up again fe conversations tanya to show you en he was listening. 
  4. He’s always got this goofy smile on his face whenever you open your mouth to speak. Not the friendly smile and nodding cause that just means en khalasy kalam besor3a 3ashan 3ayez amshy, but the warm smile w 3eneih betelma3 be enbehar kda. 
  5. He doesn’t seem to take his eyes off of you. Wherever you guys go, hatta law fee crowd wento msh wa2feen ma3 ba3d, you always catching him stealing glances.
  6. He’s going to give you all his focus. Msh haybos fel mobile, msh hayesra7 wenty betetkalemy, msh hayeb2a shaghel nafso be ay haga gheir eno yesma3ek. 
  7. He’ll always be there. But again, not in a best friend kind of way. In a “ana mawgood law ehtagty ay haga, from the smallest of things le akbar el masayeb” kind of way. 
  8. You may even find him trying to initiate physical contact at times. Not in a creepy, perverted way khales, bas in a hand on your shoulder, high-five tawwelet shewaya aw masalan helping you tuck in that strand of hair that’s been annoying you behind your ear.
  9. He asks you for advice and actually follows it in an attempt to show you en he takes your opinion seriously.
  10. He will do everything to try to impress you. Yet he will never brag about his conquests in front of you. 3arfeen el memes el mostafeza beta3et ezay tosh2ot femenist? Hwa da bezabt ely beyehsal.

Nedkhol ba2a 3ala el egyptian version 3ashan ehna el welad 3andena gheir:

  1. Hatla2eeh beyrod 3ala your texts besor3a, wala ka2eno a3ed 3al mobile mestaneeky te-text him. 
  2. Law kalemteeh hayseeb sohabo w ye2oom yerod 3aleiky. 
  3. Law 2am w sab a3det playstation/ahwa  3ashan yerod 3aleiky, text aw call, he’s the one kda khalas. 
  4. If he cancels ma3 sohabo aw pushes khorogto ma3ahom back to go out with you. 
  5. Tells you constantly ad eh enty mohema fe hayato. 
  6. I’ve only seen this once begad (it literally never happened ma3 had gheiry) bas if he’s traveling ma3 sohabo w sabhom 3ashan yekalemek enty mmkn tebda2y tedawary 3ala makan te3melo el farah feeh 3ashan guys don’t pick up the phones to answer mokalmat omahat-hom w homa mesafreen fa this is huge and it definitely means en he’s into you. 
  7. Haykhaf 3ala za3alek tab3an, aktar mn el 3ady, he’ll go to great lengths 3ashan yet2aked enik mabsoota. And i don’t mean buying you things, I mean haydahakek, he’ll tag you in memes, joke around b inside jokes mahadesh fahemha gherkin.
  8. W tab3an hayeb2a 3ayez yesma3 dayman 3an youmek, 3amalty eh w rohty feen w did you have fun. Hayeb2a beye3mel ay haga 3ashan ye-keep the conversation going.
  9. He’ll bring up the topic of relationships and marriage, not so subtly, fe random conversations 3ashan ye3raff your take on things. 
  10. And lastly, I was actually saving the best for last 3ashan it’s so good, the infamous “rawahty?”

El signs dih msh dayman sahh, w msh kolaha beyet3emel. Bas this is like a super general how to know if he’s serious was just bored/ trying to boost your self esteem. Fe kol/ay el ahwal, i highly recommend following your gut 3ashan we’re almost always right about these things. W nakhod balna en i said follow your gut msh ra2ye your girlfriends, 3ashan el hewarat dih bettawehh awii fa yareit nataganabha.

One thought on “Is My Friend Jokingly Flirting Wala Da Begad – The ‘Egyptian’ Version

  1. Ana f3lan 3gabny el kalam da kulo ana 3amalt kul el hagat el bt2oly enaha msh bt7sal fe masr we 3amalt kul el hagat el heya egyptian version bas kont 5ayef bardo a2olaha eni bahebaha bas kul haga kont ba3melha kanet bt2olaha lehad ma b3edna awii we heya el feelings bta3etha et8yaret etgaahy fana be3edt ba2a we maba2etsh 7ases eni ha3raf a3od ma3aha zay el awel we ab2a 3adi eshta (ana ba2ol be e5tesar).
    Fe3lan matwka3tesh eno had yfham ana kan e7sasy eh bas enti ya3ni mareety be haga zay el ana mareet beha fa hatkony fahma


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