Stop Restricting What You Wear Until You ‘Lose Weight’

By: Lolwah

Looking back at my life as a bigger than average girl, I’ve seen my whole closet limited to stretchy leggings and large sweaters and tees. As a result, I began to subconsciously limit my options when I became old enough to go shopping on my own, asking myself ‘what are people going to think?’ Or ‘are they going to whisper about me?’. I honestly hated it, so I threw myself into the world of making Pinterest boards of clothes I would buy when ‘I got skinny!’ The time truly never came, I got closer and closer to some form of an ideal body, but never down low enough to think others would accept me being comfortable. 

Then I realized, who the fuck decided what clothes were allowed on who? Was there an unspoken higher council? 

Day by day, it became more and more outrageous to me that people really thought that it was okay to tell people what they could and couldn’t wear. That they had the guts to look at someone who is comfortable in their own skin that they needed permission to wear their favorite shorts or best jeans. It’s finally time for us to remodel the ideas engraved in our society, beginning with the insane belief that men and women who are not your ideal body type aren’t allowed to wear whatever they want. 

Now, as one of the people who has an unideal body type, I believe it’s our time to rise up and stop restricting our clothing options until we’re ‘perfect’. In all honesty, we might never be what we have been conditioned to think is perfect so we need to start accepting ourselves and start wearing whatever we please. 

When we look at ourselves and claim that we are unworthy of tank tops and skirts or hoodies and skinny jeans, all we’re doing is contributing to the idea that has been enforced over time by our elders that we can’t be comfortable until we fit a mould. Now more than ever it’s clear that it’s not the case, people come in all shapes and sizes and it’s about damn time we normalize it. 

The desire to lose or gain weight in order to fit in the mould created by years and years of thinking men and women are nothing but mannequins to be put on display. Claiming that certain people can wear any style reinforces that idea and that in the end, we’re nothing but flesh and bone going around trying to win some hypothetical competition of who could be the best and make the most little girls and boys insecure. 

As a result, I think it’s important to realize that no one truly benefits from us hating ourselves and our bodies other than the large corporations who try to sell the ‘perfect bodies’ to us. They get large checks to cash in every time we look in the mirror and consider a new diet pill. They 

thrive off every self-deprecating joke we make saying ‘I hate it in this body’. If we don’t love ourselves for the sake of being happy and comfortable, we damn well better do it to put the people who thrive off of people’s low self esteems and vulnerable mental states out of their jobs. 

What about us? We pay the price in more than just debit. Our mental health deteriorates looking at the poster girls and boys for all these brands. We shit on ourselves every time we walk past a mirror cause we don’t see what others want. We constantly tell ourselves that we’re not good enough, and sometimes we even go ahead and claim we aren’t even worthy of love. Everybody is more than worthy, but we’ve all found a way to convince ourselves that that isn’t true. 

In the end, we need to push each other up instead of bringing each other down. Your body is amazing and does so much to keep you alive. To make sure you exist, breathing and reading this article right now. We have fought so much to come out of our boundaries, limits and frames to become comfortable with who we are. It takes so much to become your own person, to detach from the ideals of others and develop both your own personality and sense of style. So, do not ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear. Clothes are just fabrics sewn together and they look amazing on everyone. 

If you are comfortable in your own skin there is honestly no reason to believe what others have to say. In the end, we all have our own struggles and if you should dare take the time to insult others for being as comfortable as they are being themselves, you should take the time to re-evaluate. It takes so much out of us growing up with the standards our parents set, to truly find ourselves and our sense of style. Repressing that? Takes as much out of us as losing ourselves all over again. So fuck it, truly and wholeheartedly fuck it. Wear what makes you, you. Wear what makes you happy because at the end of the day no one’s opinion of you matters more than how you perceive yourself. Realize that we have been through so much to be able to stand tall. There’s more to the world than models and bodybuilders. 

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