22 Male Characters in Egyptian Movies and Series We Absolutely Hate

By: Salma and Rawan

Yes, not all characters are seen as angels, but sometimes once you see it, you can’t unsee it, even though you never noticed it before. That was what me and Rawan have gone through while writing this list, the sadness we sensed when a show we loved so much, that was played by an admired actor, turns out to be this fucked up story that shaped us into kids who normalize chauvinism and abuse in our lives. We couldn’t stop ourselves from saying men are trash whenever a guy popped up in our heads.

We know that this is a portrayal of what modern Egyptian society is like, we appreciate that, but the lack of work the production and media have done in actually teaching young boys/teenagers that this is wrong, shows how careless they are when it comes to these topics. The problem isn’t in the message, but how it gets delivered, how it gets twisted and misunderstood because no one took enough time and effort to speak up about it. 

Growing up and getting more and more educated about feminism, misogyny and gender discrimination in general, the more we learn about it, the more we find out about its constant presence in Egyptian movies/series, both implicitly and explicitly, and how badly it affects the mindset of young boys/teenagers watching them. That is why we are listing today, a bunch of male characters that you shouldn’t act like or consider as idols WHATSOEVER.

1. Mohsen Hindawi in Bobbos

Basically, he was a successful businessman who went broke and is now trying to pay his debts. 

Do you remember the funeral scene? When he acted like the dead man’s friend so he could sit at women’s corners, patting every single lady on the thigh, lifting the fabric of their dress, forcefully hugging them and pulling them towards his chest roughly, while fake mourning and crying, w tab3an kolo beysakhsakh mel de7k, funny right? What’s even worse is the fact that the women, who clearly look uncomfortable, aren’t doing anything about it! I mean come on, teach young girls how to stand up against this bullshit!

2. Morgan in Morgan Ahmed Morgan

I absolutely loved this movie; the alashat, the songs, Ahmed Mekky lewa7do was a whole mood. But, when we start thinking about it seriously, Morgan was an obsessive control freak who couldn’t imagine not having Jihan for himself, he kept chasing her, everywhere she’d go. He didn’t take no for an answer. W b adar rabena marra wa7da she “fell in love” with him and agreed to tying the knot. Two words: Utter. Nonsense.

3. Sony in Haza El Masa2

Sony and his friends owned this mobile store and he would hack women’s phones then blackmail them for sex. Not only that, but he was trying to get a girl to marry him through blackmail knowing that his best friend is in love with her, and despite telling her that he deleted the video. He was a double faced asshole that only gave a fuck about his dick. Honestly, it’s beyond repulsive. Don’t go hitting girls with revenge porn for heaven’s sake- are you that low?

4. Ali in Taht El Saytara

Ali was a pedophile, theif, drug addict, rapist and one hell of a fucking asshole. He sold his wife’s body (who was underage by the way) to a barbaric drug lord for some extra heroin. He married a girl in school and took her away from her family. He stole from his uncle, mum, and best friend. He has literally betrayed the trust of everyone that loved him, and tried to justify it. To all the 25 year olds thinking that hittin on a 17 year old makes you cool – we hope you can see our eyes rolling.

5. Osama in El Rehla

Osama. Osama. Osama. Where do I even start? Osama was interesting. He was intriguing. He was fascinating. But, he was one hell of a psychopath. He married a woman then locked her up away from her friends, job and life. He killed women and buried them in his backyard. And, that’s just me scratching the surface. 

6. Yehia in Tareeky 

A possessive and manipulative pedophile, cheater and abusive f*ck. He married a little kid and promised her the world, and then took away her world. He abused her and punished her by locking her up, and took away all her opportunities to pursue her passion. He also locked his daughter up, and struck her multiple times with a belt even though he was a terrible father. His character was disturbing on multiple levels.

7. Saber in Segn El Nesa

Ana makarahtesh fi 7ayaty 7ad ad ma karaht saber, then again, I hate all the male characters on this list. First, he frames his pregnant wife for an accidental murder she didn’t commit, running away, taking all her money, leaving her to suffer for years in a place full of dangerous criminals, without even apologizing! You’d think he might settle for that, but NO, he married her best friend (who is a bitch, but that’s not our point right now), got her pregnant and was basically living on cloud 9 with her, with his riches and money, abandoning the one who stood by him and took him when he barely had money. Ma3andish 7aga a2olha gheer eno the definition of waty.

8. Sayed in Tareeky

Sayed has done so much shit. He would act like a saint in front of his mom, always belittling his sister for bringing shame to the family because she wants to pursue a singing career, then go drink, gamble, steal, trick her best friend into sleeping with him, convincing her that he’s in love and that he’ll go and propose to her father soon. He ended up getting her pregnant and abandoning her, running off and marrying a dancer. Luckily, he got what he deserved at the end.

9. Soliman Abdeldaim in Ekhtefa2

Mohamed Mamdouh’s character in Ekhtefa2 was sick. He was so obsessed with a woman that his obsession blinded him. He gaslighted her. He spied on her. He was a creep and that’s beyond revolting. At the end, he paid the price by living a life full of misery and neediness.

10. Akram in Haza El Masa2

Akram loved no one but himself. He played two women. He was selfish, and he didn’t really love anyone as much as he loved the idea of them. He tried keeping them around because he couldn’t stand the idea of not having everything. Please don’t be this guy.

11. Alaa Abu Ziad in 3eyar Nary

Although it wasn’t the main focus in the movie, but Alaa was a pretty bad son. He’d always disrespect his mom, cursing and shouting at her, insulting her, coming home every night drunk, demanding money and hitting her occasionally. Just awful.

12. Hesham in La Totfe2 El Shams

Hesham was selfish. He kept two women hanging. He put his wife through hell emotionally and played a young girl’s feelings. It’s not really pedophilia but it’s definetely selfishness and emotional manipulation. Honestly, so many men think they are cool and edgy by the number of women they can keep hanging, but honestly it just shows you’re an asshole. He was very insecure and had a lot of self-doubt because of his age. But, honestly still not an excuse.

13. Hassan in Halawet El Donia

This is the character that deceived us all. Under all his looks, his charm, his smile, his romantic attitude, his love towards his daughter, he is actually very toxic and abusive. I’m sure we were all shocked the first time we saw him hit her after a simple disagreement between them. And the fact that he’d come back, apologizing, with his puppy eyes, begging for forgiveness, fooling his fiance is just ugh, worst mistake anyone could fall for. Seriously, imagine what he would’ve done if they lived together, behind closed doors, she dodged a bullet with this one, all thanks to her sister, who interfered and got him to go away.

14. Omar in Halawet El Donia

Omar ma3andoosh asl. He was not committed to his relationship, the moment his fiancee got cancer he got out the door. He chickened out of his relationship with the woman he claims to love, and then fell in love with her step sister? Sir, you need to work on the way you love people 3ashan el 7ob msh el mafrood ykoon mashroot b ay haga! Relationships are supposed to be staying through thick and thin, in sickness and in health.

15. Hamada in B-100 Wesh

Gama3a bgad I love Hamada as much as you do. “GOOD JOB MOTHERHACKER”. But, he still bugged the phone of the girl he liked, so he can find a way to get her to leave her fiance which is honestly very sick. 

16. Mazen in Heba Regl El Ghorab

This is the devil hidden under a pretty face. A charming, successful, handsome player whom all the women wanna end up with. But he’s the biggest asshole of them all, he convinced his best friend Adham, CEO of Ecomoda, to play with Heba’s feelings and act like he loves her, so she would be wrapped around his finger and they’d avoid her stealing their company. He’d always cover for him whenever he’d go and cheat on his fiance Farida with some model. Not only that, but he’d mock her appearance and looks, with sarcastic remarks and nasty looks, then again, everyone in a high position in the company would do the same.

17. Tarek in Taht El Saytara

I hated Tarek. I hated him. He put his wife through so much emotional pain. He always made promises he so easily broke. He was emotionally manipulative, and just such a destructive person. He kept the woman he loved hanging and that was beyond selfish. 

18. Faleh Abdelsamy in Wa7ed Se3edy 

Whenever I think about  this guy, I cringe. He reminds me of every harasser I had to face in the pool/beach, who’d stare at my whole body, and my eyes last, licking his lips as if I’m some sort of meal he’s craving.. This may not be clear or highlighted in the movie, but as a girl, I could feel the pain of all the women he’d ogle with such audacity and creepiness.

19. Medhat in Forsa Tanya

Needless to say, everyone despised this guy. To me, he was the modern representation of “Si ElSayyed”; 3alatool merakeb wesh gebs l merato, insulting her, belittling her, humiliating her, beating her up, then turning into a prince charming and a gent with other women. He went so far once to the point where he married another woman just to piss her off.  He treated her badly, but couldn’t let her go, threatening her with a couple of signed papers. And, he’s a total hypocrite, douchebag, unfair, violent “man”.

20. Sami in Zodiac

Not going to lie, towards the end he got a lot better, but he did a lot of problematic shit in the beginning. He dated a girl he didn’t like to make her best friend jealous. He treated her like an absolute piece of shit. Honestly, ladies never settle for a guy who treats you keda you deserve a lot better.

21. Sameh in Forsa Tanya 

Sameh mostafez, he used his secretary’s love and affection, convincing her that he fell for her too after her confession, that he wants a relationship with her and that he’s already considered divorcing his wife, whom he was so clearly unhappy with. Turns out, he only wanted to make his wife jealous, so she could take care of him and prioritize her marriage. So not only is he a cheater, a liar, but an inconsiderate, disrespectful prick. I have honestly seen too many Samehs in my generation, so if you’re one, “Stop it.. Get some help”, be considerate of others feelings, don’t act like a baby, face your problems responsibility, and own up to your mistakes. To be put simply, a man like him belongs to the streets.

22. Omar in Omar w Salma 

Ana aslan maba7ebesh Tamer Hosny, bas Omar da, honestly, 3ayez yakhod bel gazma.

He’s a compilation of  everything we mentioned in the previous guys: creepy, besbaas, harasser, cheater, toxic, liar, manipulative, abuser, loves playing the victim, the list goes on. All of this hid behind his “jokes” and problematic ‘humor’, and I really pity Salma for ending up with someone like him. The gal’s always miserable and frustrated in the movies, and what’s her only excuse to anything that he does? “Ba7EbO”

Like sis come on, this isn’t love, and to anyone who has a Omar, drop him sweetie, you deserve way better!

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