Energizing Snacks That’ll Keep You Going During Your Never-Ending Zoom Classes

By: Lina El Saie

I feel your pain; waking up early, endless back to back classes, piles of work to do after classes end, and everything else. It’s not the best year to be a student, but these snacks will get you through the day. Sometimes between classes, we don’t exactly have the time to make and/or eat a full meal so here are a bunch of snacks that will keep you energized and nourished during your never-ending zoom classes. These are all ideas that are open for adaptations based on what’s available and what isn’t, your preferences, and/or allergies. 

  1. Nut butter and apples

There are so many nut butters but my personal preference would be peanut butter but you do you; it’s so filling and it has  a lot of protein from the nut butter and the apples. It’s so easy to make, you could either use an apple slicer and ‘dip’ the apples or you could make a mini sandwich situation with thinner slices. Either way whichever way you chose to make them they’re insanely energizing and time-friendly for your breaks or early mornings before classes (or when you have your camera off). 

  1. Trail mix/nuts and raisins

This is such a customizable snack; you could make it at home with the nuts and/or the dried fruit of your choice. This provides an easy source protein and fiber, since  you have the nuts and the dried fruits. This is an easy snack that you could prepare in advance and it doesn’t require any preparation besides making it. 

  1. Cereal/granola and yogurt

This is what I’d like to call a blank canvas meal; you can add fruits, you could use a fruity yogurt, you could use a sweetener of your choice, you could use granola or cereal, you could pack so much into one bowl it’s really just a blank canvas. You got your carbs, you got your protein, what more could you need to give you the energy you need to kickstart your day.

  1. Veggies and hummus

Now this is for if you want something that’s savory this is for you; hummus and veggies are such a versatile combination. It’s fairly easy to make hummus and to customize the texture and the flavors. if you don’t know how to make hummus here’s a general ingredients list: chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, salt, pepper, some water or ice to get the desired texture and your seasonings of choice. Now that you have a base recipe you can control you want it to come out. Now for the vegetable, you can use whichever ones you prefer for the most part they all work well with the marvelous veggie dip. 

  1. Bananas with anything

Bananas are such a versatile fruit, you could eat them alone or with a nut butter of your choice, you could also eat it with with dark chocolate or yogurt, the possibilities are endless. Now bananas have potassium in them (something my mom will never let me forget) and they are a good source for vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, and energy.

  1. Sweet potatoes

Just sweet potatoes in every form. With honey and cinnamon/ginger, just honey, just ginger, just potato, all of it is just a chef’s kiss. Sweet potatoes are insanely filling and versatile and hearty. Sweet potatoes are just baked potatoes that you can eat in the morning.

  1. Crackers, cheese and vegetables

Another savoy snack that is also a blank canvas meal; you can use whatever crackers you want, whichever cheese you like, you could add any meats like salami or turkey or smoked salmon. Again it’s a blank customizable canvas. 


My dear god sandwiches are just the baseline; only if you do it right. Get a little bit of condiment, a little bit of lettuce or blend of leafy greens, a little filling of your choice, some cheese, and literally anything else you like. Now if you want a sweet sandwich; a little bit of nut butter, some honey, maybe some fruit on the side or just a jam sandwich. Never underestimate the power of a good sandwich. 

  1. Eggs?

Yes, eggs. They’re a good source of protein and again very versatile; you can make a sunny side up, boiled eggs, a quick omelette, french toast, the possibilities are endless. You can put veggies in the omelette or the sunny side up to make a more nutrient-packed dish, you could put fruits on the french toast to add some freshness; the possibilities are endless. Disclaimer: some of these ‘snacks’ are more time consuming than others. 

  1. Oats

Oats are again another blank canvas. Out of all of these oats are probably the most filling on this list. There are so many different ways to make oats; you could make them with hot water/milk/nut milk, you could cook them on the stove, or you could soak them overnight in water or milk or nut milk, the possibilities are endless. You could add fruits or seeds or nuts to add more nutritional value or you could add cinnamon or ginger or honey to customize it. Oats are insanely hearty and filling so even if you decide to eat just a plain bowl of oatmeal you’re getting a nutrient-rich filling meal. Plus it doesn’t take too long to prepare or eat if you’re short on time. 

These are all adaptable guidelines of snacks that vary in prep-time to satisfy all your snacking needs for online classes. I know it’s hard to find time to eat with the packed schedules and mounds of work but hopefully this will make staying nourished and energized easier. Hopefully you will find this list helpful and easy. 

Stay nourished.

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