16 of Our Favorite Online Local Thrift Stores

By: Nour Jumma

Winter is coming. Or you know, it’s already here or whatever. Which means nagging mama for new coats and hoodies. But in the efforts of being environmentally conscious – and because fuck capitalism – but also being a little bit broke, I present to you the greatest solution of all. Thrift shopping. But Nour, why thrift shopping? Well, I’m very glad you asked. 

  • Less plastic used.
  • Less clothes ending up in landfills.
  • Conscious spending – definitely cheaper, more for less. 
  • Less money for evil corporations.
  • Benefit small causes – you’ll probably help the owner of the store pay their rent.
  • Develop a unique sense of style – it’s extremely unlikely you’ll find someone dressed in that same exact shirt.
  • Finding vintage-esque stuff is extremely thrilling.
  • A COVID-19 friendly shopping spree. Definitely cheaper than ordering from 50 different online fast-fashion brands that are pure satanic evil and will charge for shipping + Egyptian gamarek and just pain. 
  • Anxiety free – save those gross crowded mall trips for when absolutely necessary.
  • And no, you definitely won’t get rabies and or aids from it. Just wash them if you’re feeling extra picky about it. 

Okay, now that I’ve convinced you and your strict mom to thrift shop (cue Macklemore music), here are our top 20 picks for thrift stores this season. They constantly have new items dropping and you’ll usually find hella unique hella cool stuff, at an extremely discounted price. You might even come out with an authentic vintage piece or two. Everything sells out super quick so it might be a good idea to keep their post notifications on. Enjoy, and happy thrifting!

  1. @thespacecairo

2. @goodoldts

3. @retro_cairo

4. @up_town_funk – Alex

5. @thevintageguy.eg

6. @retrogeek___

7. @ikigai.cai

8. @trefuil

9. @thrifthouse.cai

10. @ritzynyc

11. @callistovintage

12. @thriftdrobe_

13. @holi_boutique

14. @thriftcultcai

15. @vindemia__

16. @wekalabasonline

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