7 Popular Makeup Trends We Want to Keep Around Forever

By: Hagar Ezzo

It’s almost New Year’s and there’s a new strain of COVID, we’re slowly moving back into lockdown. Thankfully, we’ve become used to spending days sitting at home playing with our palettes. There were too many lost makeup wipes, empty lipsticks, and dried out eyeliners, but I can finally bring you my favorite makeup looks I’ve done – or at least attempted – that I wish we could keep around for a bit to come.

1. Black/Brown Foxeye 

You may remember when the foxeye trend hit the internet a short while ago. It’s easy, it’s straight to the point, and looks good on everyone. I’ll personally be wearing this long after the trend dies. 

2. Neon Eyeshadow 

This may be a bit out of some people’s comfort zone, but life is too short to stick to neutrals. Bring. Out. The. Neons.

3. Colored Mascara/Lashes 

Honestly, I can’t believe this trend didn’t come out sooner. It seems so obvious. Pro tip: If you’ve got brown eyes, use a royal blue mascara, it’ll make your eyes pop, trust me.

4. Korean Lip Tint 

Heavily inspired by Korean beauty, this lip look is a very subtle one, but great for when you want a more natural look. 

5. Inner Corner Eyeshadow 

Taking minimal to a whole new level, this is definitely suitable for people who’ve just started wearing makeup. Also, it looks absolutely stunning when you apply highlighter on top.

6. Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks 

This was also a big tiktok trend a couple months ago. Super bold and out there, we only wish we could pull off these looks. Euphoria makeup is something we want to be the norm.

7. Floating Eyeliner 

This is a look we’ll definitely be incorporating in our everyday makeup routine (once we can actually do it, of course). The possibilities are endless, and it’s stunning.

Always remember to have fun with makeup! Trends come and go, so just do whatever you feel you want to try. Enjoy yourself. Feel good about yourself. You’re gorgeous!

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