PSA: Accessories Aren’t Emasculating, Here are Some Hot Suggestions

By: Lina El Saie

Oh my ahhhhhhhhhh! Could you please accessorize? It won’t affect rogoltak. Sorry, I would rather have you wear some nice silver bracelets instead of *gags* the rubber wristbands you insist on wearing. There are so many amazing accessory options for men, and these accessories can make your outfit just *chef’s kiss*. Accessories are basically the things that aren’t essentials, they are more decorative but they could also serve a purpose – like a belt or a watch. Your fashion choices shouldn’t dictate people’s perception of your gender identity, because it’s just the way that you choose to present yourself to the public. 


look at that rope-style belt

I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone should own at least one belt; belts are amazing, seriously. Besides the fact that they also keep your pants up, they also look super cool while doing so. You could get a belt with an amazing buckle so there’s also a decorative element. You could tuck in your shirt or whatever you’re wearing into your jeans and you could pair that with a nice belt and that would just make the outfit just that much more “spicy”. The belt could be super basic, it doesn’t need to be some expensive designer belt; it could be the normal (even faux) leather belt with a normal buckle that’s completely fine. 


They’re so freaking cool. There are also different chains for different occasions. Silver chains are the gateway to chains. You can get them from any jewelry store, and there are so many different styles and shapes and lengths. There are dog tag chains – like the one Rio gives Tokyo in La Casa De Papel/Money Heist – or there are some chains like the eboy chains or a personal favorite, The DNA strand. Some of these chains are more casual (like the eboy chains and the dog tag necklace) but the DNA strand necklace is more semi-formal formal. 

You could layer the chains with a shorter chain with a tiny pendant or no pendant at all with just two chains with different lengths, or you could layer three chains of different lengths with some cool pendant or something. You have all the artistic liberties with this one. 

Warning: be careful with getting the chains because you might be allergic to plated or stainless steel ones. 


Rings are just amazing. There are so many different ways to wear rings and there are so many different sizes and shapes and designs and it’s just something you can’t go wrong with. There are some basic rings with no detailing at all and there are also elaborate rings with insane detail. There are also rings with stones of all different shapes and sizes. Just pick what you prefer and you can’t go wrong with a nice ring or something. An important thing to remember is that if you’re not getting a silver/gold or silver/gold plated ring you need to coat the inside with clear nailpolish or something to protect your skin from turning green. 


It was very refreshing to actually see guys wearing bucket hats this summer because in the height of bucket hats being trendy there were so many design options so it was easy to find at least one design that you like. Now, can we bring that same energy for all hats? Holy heck there are so many hats, you must like at least one of them. Fedoras, beanies, baseball hats, snapbacks, bucket hats, fisherman hats, panama hats, and loads more. Out of all of the ones I mentioned you have to like at least one of them. There is also the added bonus of keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your face, and for the winter beanies will keep your head warm. The options are practically endless, pick what you feel comfortable wearing. 


Besides chains there are also beaded necklaces. There are so many options where it comes to necklaces, besides the different lengths that they come in there are also different beads. You could get a nice pearl necklace, some glass beads, you could get them in one solid color or maybe a nice color pattern. The options are endless with this one. You can even make them at home too. 


There are so many options for sunglasses and they don’t need to be functional. You could very easily get a pair of sunglasses for the aesthetics. You’ve got so many choices now, there are the rimless glasses, or the ones with colored glass. You don’t even need to conform with the weather patterns, if you feel like rocking a nice pair of shades, go ahead my guy! 


Let’s say you don’t feel like wearing a watch, but you still want to wear a little something on your wrists…wear a bracelet! You got silver, leather, beads, chains, rope, fabric and virtually anything. Not to mention that there are soooo many different shapes and sizes and designs and the possibilities are endless. They’re also hot. 


A seemingly normal outfit, nothing out of the normal, but then you look down and you see the coolest socks you’ve ever seen. A very easy way to spruce up any outfit is a nice pair of fun socks, they could have some nice pattern or design, or they could have some fun drawing or something. They could be subtle or they could be out-there, it’s all up to you. 

Accessories might not be your thing, but accessories aren’t just necklaces and rings; they’re the little things you add to your outfit to personalize it. I encourage you to experiment with all the different types of accessories until you find your style, don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel comfortable with wearing the first accessory you try; maybe this one thing isn’t for you but something else can be. You don’t have to stick to cufflinks or watches, nothing about wearing accessories is emasculating. 

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