9 Types of Influencers We’re Really Tired of Seeing on Social Media

By: Lina El Saie

In this current day and age there are so many different types of influencers with all the different platforms that continue to exist; but that doesn’t mean that we’re all big fans of the influencers that rise to fame and well, influence. There are so many types of influencers that we are tired of – the things they talk about and do are just inane or harmful. The sheer amount of misogynistic, racist, and often classist content they put out as well is, ugh, I can’t. Here’s a list, we might as well do some bashing.

1- Token Influencers

Token influencers are the influencers that are just influencers for and because of their appearance, the influencers that do things only because they look cool or good. An example of what a token influencer does would probably be an influencer who goes to some “exotic place” and takes a few questionable pictures in said place, takes a picture with a tiger then goes on some tour where they only visit the most famous places. They usually have some controversial posts where they box braid their type 2A hair because they thought it looked cool and complain about how it ripped their hair out not knowing the history behind it. 

2- Fitspo Influencers

Fitness influencers post pictures of their “low calorie” meals for weight loss, some sort of “weight loss” tea advertisement, stories of them in the gym, #nopainnogain hashtags, drastic before and after pictures of their “weightloss journey”, and they perpetuate diet culture in the most draining and toxic of ways. No, seriously. Miracle weight loss tea? Are you kidding me? You’re using your platform to encourage people to do harm themselves? Of all the things you could support and encourage, you choose something that physically and mentally destroys people? Do better. How many teenagers and young adults have developed eating disorders, body dysmorphia, or any physical ailment because of your so-called ‘content’?

3- The Toxic “Nutritionist”

I brushed on this one above but this time all they do is post about their horrifying and completely harmful diet encouraging people to try it. ‘Nutritionists’ talk about their new substitute to some food that has “too many calories”, violently promote diet culture, encourage more miracle weight loss drink or pill, show extremely drastic weight loss before and after pictures, and encourage the not scientifically-based idea that you need to be at a caloric deficit to lose weight. They try these very weird and outlandish diets and constantly talk about what lead them to this drastic weight loss. PSA: your weight doesn’t mean shit. If you’re healthy, if you’re happy, amen.

4- Sheltered Babes

This type of influencers are those completely removed from reality and have no idea what the real world is like. They live inside a bubble where everything is handed to them on a golden platter with no struggle and have this idea that if “it hasn’t happened to me so it doesn’t happen to anyone”. Oh honey, you’re not the universal standard. This influencer is so detached from reality, they have their own perception of the world that is so far from true they are blatantly ignorant. Most of what they say is just plain harmful. There’s a permanent eye-roll associated with finding them in our FYP or search.

5- The Self-Victimizing Narcissist

This influencer is an ignorant, racist, classist, misogynistic, (occasionally zionist) person and often express their so-called opinions harmfully. When they face major backlash for their “beliefs”, they play the victim and gaslight whoever has criticized or opposed them. This person likes to blame people for their own shortcomings and their apologies look like an invitation to a pity party where they try to justify their obviously immoral actions and we’re so done with it at this point. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

6- Mr/Ms. Billboard

This influencer only posts advertisements and exclusively sponsored posts. #Ad is a part of nearly all their captions. Their page leaves you looking for the little x button in the corner to escape the ads. The products they advertise are often items you wouldn’t even think of; often inconvenient and borderline disastrous products.

7- Drama Monger

Bro/Sis can’t survive without drama, all they do is encourage drama for their own amusement. They live off of the drama they create and their entire platform is devoted to spilling scalding hot tea, irrespective of who is trampled in the process.

8- Empowerment Fraud

(Those are mostly men – because who else.)

Guys, stop. freaking. preaching. Especially!!! Because none of y’all practice what you preach. You’re not a walking, talking self-help book, stop acting like you are. You did good things? Great! We applaud your success, but don’t yap forever on the power of manifesting goodness when you’re a privileged fuck who succeeded because you have filthy rich parents or were lucky enough to be well-connected. You are not Elon Musk (ew!) They’re like the fake feminists that preach feminism and empowering other girls then tears down girls for no reason but spite and ego. Cut the bullshit, please.s

9- The Clown

 This influencer thinks their completely hilarious and people can’t help but laugh at their jokes and everything they say but in reality they make r*pe jokes and women are the butt of their jokes and most of their humor is racist. Their jokes and content are usually super cringe-y and it makes you wonder how the hell people find them funny. 

We seem to forget that no matter what type of influence a person has, they still have an influence on people since they are a representation of the people that exist in our society, we have allowed and some of us have even enabled them. We might not like these influencers and everything they stand for and we can’t stop them from existing; but that doesn’t stop us from ruthlessly subtweeting them on twitter. 

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