10 Mindfulness and Mental Self-Care Podcasts to Help You Stay Centered

By: Joudy Subaih

For the days where exams have left you mentally exhausted or the ones where you merely feel emotionally drained, here are 10 podcasts that can ease your way through a time of uncertainty and worry, and help you overcome burnout. Grab your headphones, make a cup of coffee, and get ready to soothe your mind, body, and soul. 

  1. Happy Place

A light-hearted podcast, discussing mental health, wellbeing, and happiness through the exciting course of life; full of the lows and highs, the ups and downs, the good and the bad. It also features interviews with a wide range of remarkable guests with distinctive, intriguing perspectives regarding better ways to navigate the journey of life to set you up mentally and emotionally for the day. 

  1. Radio Headspace 

If you’re looking for a quick, nourishing commencement for your day, ‘Radio Headspace’ is the way to go. In this podcast, Andy Puddicombe narrates short, yet influential, uplifting stories that embody great messages that touch the spirit, to find your inner calm and learn how to cope with personal struggles that might be influencing your mental health. 

  1. The Mindful Minute

‘The Mindful Minute’ offers guided, mindful meditations that you will -for sure- calm your nerves. The gentle, soothing voice is a great coping mechanism to stop, take a deep breath, and disconnect with the chaotic world. It also incorporates a wide variety of thoughtful topics in a concise manner that allows you to reconnect with your inner peace. 

  1. Terrible, Thanks For Asking 

You know how every day someone asks “how are you?” And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say “fine,” so everyone can go about their day? – American Public Media.

‘Terrible, Thanks For Asking’ is a safe, comfortable space for anyone to open up about the difficulties they’re enduring and the battles they’re bearing. Mclnerny’s primary purpose is to change perspective and normalize being completely authentic when sharing and talking about struggles, she continuously emphasizes upon the idea that you are not alone, evoking emotions of serenity within an agitated soul. 

  1. The Struggle Bus

‘The Struggle Bus’ Is an uplifting, light-hearted advice podcast revolving around the topics of mental health, self-care, and so much more, presented from the perspectives of two opinionated individuals who have lots of intertwined feelings. Listening to this podcast would definitely get a laugh out of you! 

  1. Selfie  

From the silly to the serious, writer and physiotherapist Kristen Howerton and self-care enthusiast Roo Powell discuss delicate and often elusive parts of caring for ourselves, helping you to prioritize yourself before everything else. The real, authentic hosts are hilarious, while covering a lot of thought-provoking topics that will keep you entertained.

  1. Untangle

‘Untangled’ is a rich compilation of interviews with individuals immersed in fascinating thoughts, who share genuine and profound experiences through a mindful lens. This meditation, insightful podcast highlights various aspects of health, well-being, and so much more through diverse teaching approaches for all kinds of viewers. 

  1. 10% happier 

In ‘10% Happier’ Dan Harris explores the concept of happiness from all viewpoints, while also featuring meditation experts, as well as scientists. The show also ventures beyond happiness and meditation, it also discusses the nature of social anxiety, creativity, productivity, and relationships.

  1. The hardcore self-help podcast 

This podcast is dedicated to answering complicated and intriguing inquiries about mental health, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other numerous other subjects without making you decode all the medical phrases in order to comprehend what he’s talking about. It’s calm, relatable, and informative and will definitely have a great and dramatic influence on your well-being. 

  1. The Hilarious World of Depression 

The host, John Moe, effortlessly shifts between describing the obstacles, pain, and frustration that come with depression and the levity required to actually manage it.” – Wil Williams

The binge-worthy podcast ‘The Hilarious World of Depression’ will give you the rightly balanced mix between tears and laughs. It’s a series of genuine, authentic, and profound conversations mixed with hilarious jokes coming from comedians that have struggled with depression. With no doubt, listening to this podcast will help you through the desperate days and nights. 

We hope that with these podcast suggestions you’ve made a new friend, helping you in the journey of finding your inner peace, to reach a state of utter serenity, even in the toughest times.

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