Do You Get Sudden Breakouts? Here are Some Instant(-ish) Fixes

By: Nour Jumma

I’m the CEO of getting pimples the night before an event, then popping and poking at them and leaving even more blood and an obvious scar. It’s a wonderful life I lead. However, through years, I’ve accumulated enough instant(-ish) fixes for your sister’s wedding tomorrow or your passport photograph appointment.

Disclaimer: As always, the following is provided via my own experience and extensive research. Please contact a dermatologist if your skin is acting up abnormally and avoid anything you might have a bad reaction to. You can always test-swab the oil/treatment on the back of your hand for a couple hours before applying it to your face. This ensures safe and negative-reaction-free usage of products. 

  1. For the love of god, don’t pop it, pick at it, touch it, anything. You’ll make it bleed, scab, and scar.
  2. Olive oil is your best friend.
    All mama told me to do was put olive oil on my face. Never really listened to her until I got hella desperate. Apply some on the tip of your finger and massage it onto the pimple and at the skin around it. Re-apply during the day when you notice that it dried out, or apply generously before bed. It works like magic. Your pimple should heal more by the morning and will probably be gone within 2-3 days. This is safe to apply even if you’ve ignored rule number 1 and popped your zit.
  3. Ice Ice Baby
    Icing it/area around it will probably calm it down too. Wrap an icecube in a thin cloth and press on the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat during the day to reduce swelling. This will also help in case your zit is the i-can-feel-it-throbbing-on-my-face kind (the ice will numb the pain). Still do this if you’ve already popped your pimple.
  4. Tea tree oil
    The highly acclaimed tea tree oil is constantly suggested all over the internet. Though I haven’t tried it yet, it seems to be the most popular quick-fix for pimples. Just like with the olive oil, apply onto the affected area and repeat during the day. Swelling should decrease for a pimple free next-day
  5. Mebo isn’t so bad either.
    You probably have ⅕ of a tube lying around somewhere, just ask your mom. Spot a little on your pimple and it’ll reduce inflammation. Re-applying throughout the day and before bed is ideal as well.
  6. Avoid harsh toners around the affected area for now.
    Even though it makes sense to clean/disinfect your pimple, toners and other cleansers will probably irritate it more. If you have extra-oily skin like mine, use your toner around your pimple, or opt for a gentler toner.

Regardless, you should always opt for using natural remedies instead of cleansers etc. It is much healthier for the pH of your skin to use natural essential oils and other unprocessed/non-chemical substances. For example, olive oil straight out of the kitchen bottle is perfect.

Now on the long-term side of things, and as many many many infographics will tell you, here are a couple less-instant fixes that might also help you.

  1. Moisturize with Aloe Vera
    As mentioned, your safest bet is nature. Ditch your regular moisturizer, get a little Aloe Vera plant in your room to slice a bit off of everytime you need some. The less processed/chemical, the better.
  2. Green tea
    Containing many anti-inflammatory substances, green tea can help fight the bacteria causing pimples. Steep green tea in boiling water and let it cool. Dab a cotton ball in the tea and sweep across your face gently. Leave it on overnight, and rinse your face in the morning.  Repetition of this cleanses the face gently and provides it with flavonoids and tannins that combat acne.
  3. Track your trigger foods.
    Some people have skin that can flare up after ingesting chocolate. My heart goes out to you. If you start noticing a pattern with your food vs skin condition, keep that in mind as it might be a food that your skin reacts badly to.
  4. Don’t use harsh cleansers/toners after hair removal.
    Your pores are already exposed after threading/shaving/waxing/lasering/whatever else there is. Applying harsh chemicals will likely flare your skin, and you’ll be treated to a lovely spot in the morning. If you feel it necessary, wipe away gently with warm water and then apply aloe vera softly.
  5. Avoid make-up with pore-clogging ingredients.
    Mineral Oils and lanolin can clog your pores, trapping dirt under your skin and producing pimples. Check make-up labels before you buy them.
  6. Consider Zinc supplements.
    Many dermatologists strongly suggest zinc supplements to those suffering from acne/random breakouts. It is the ideal pimple-doctor and aids healing capabilities of the skin. It also comes without the regular side effects of skin meds such as discolouration, dryness, dizziness, etc. Consult a doctor first though.
  7. Drink the damn 8-cups-day you’re skipping. (Note to self; drink water today)

To be real with you, you can probably follow every skin-care tip in the book, and you’re still going to occasionally break out. The world is unfair like that. Give it your best, don’t listen to every hack you see online, and stay informed on what is and isn’t good for your skin. Remember that there are alot of different skin types, and you can’t expect your skin to react the same way someone else’s would. 

And anyway, so what if there’s a pimple on your forehead? Everyones been there, tanesho w 3eesho ba2a, there are bigger things to worry about anyway.

Stay safe, 

  • NKJ

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