It’s February 14th and You’re Alone, But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Celebrate Love Too

By: Hana Diab

Today is a day celebrated by some and dreaded by others: Valentine’s day. As much as Valentine’s is a holiday of love and companionship, it’s also a holiday of melancholy and loneliness. Besieged by lovers, unaccompanied people may find this day overwhelming. It’s funny how a holiday can boost people’s moods while draining others all at the same time. It’s ironic that a holiday can decide whether you are loved by others or not. Viewing it from a different perspective, I realized that we often sit our whole lives waiting to receive genuine love. Why do we do so when the best form of love out there is self-love? Why do we celebrate being in love with someone before celebrating being in love with ourselves, and the person we’ve become?

Don’t ignore this day because you don’t have a date/lover! Devote this day to celebrating how successful, strong, and beautiful you are. If you have no idea how to celebrate yourself, here is a list of 14 things you can do on the night of the 14th of February to treat and pamper yourself.

  1. Take a Warm Bath

Get up! Light candles and enjoy a warm bubble bath. And please, for god’s sake, forget all your burdens and just relaaax.

  1. Give Yourself a Facial 

Remember that facials are not just for women! Taking care of your skin doesn’t make you less “masculine” and more “feminine”.

  1. Online Shop

Shopping is extremely therapeutic, but with covid, it’s really hard to physically shop. And because we, Teenntimes, care about your wellness, both physically and emotionally, we partnered up with some of our favorite online local businesses and would like for you to use our promo codes to pamper yourselves to the max. Check our latest posts for more info!

  1. Bake Your Favorite Dessert

What is a better reward than baking you, your favorite dessert? 

  1. Order food from your favorite take-out

 If you’re too lazy to bake, order take-out! 

  1. Read a Book

Studies have proven that reading puts our brains in a state similar to meditation. So, if you feel a lil’ stressed, grab a book from your parent’s shelf and read it. You can also always online read on free websites like Wattpad if books are inaccessible to you at the moment.

  1. Listen to Hype Songs

 Listen to songs that make you feel like you’re the badass main character that’s on top of the world. Sing along to the lyrics, and dance like nobody’s watching. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll feel like the happiest human being ever after doing so.

  1. Facetime your Friends and Family

If you’re feeling extra lonely and really need someone to talk to, facetime your loved ones! Crack jokes, talk about your deepest secrets, share your ideas, and tell them how much they mean to you.

  1. Binge-Watch Movies Starring your Celeb Crush

Ah yes, make some popcorn, snuggle up in your blanket, get cozy, and enjoy watching your celeb crush starring in movies. 

  1.  Do a Relaxing Workout

If you need to relax fast, do Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga helps you relax and manage stress and anxiety. It’s one of the most common styles of yoga since its moves are easy and are made at a slower pace.

  1.  Write a love letter from you to you

Craft a paper,  decorate it with hearts, and write a love letter to yourself. If you have no clue how to write a love letter to yourself. Start simple; write 5 things you admire about yourself and read them out loud.

  1.  Dress up for no reason

Pick out an extra outfit from your closet, put it on, take cute ass pictures, and post them on social media.

  1.  Write your feelings on a plate and shatter it

 Feeling extremely blue and lonely? I have the cure for you: bring an old plate, write everything that has been draining you lately, and SHATTER this plate. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

  1. Buy a canvas and paint on it

From painting beautiful landscapes to meaningless scribbles. Regardless of the end result, you’ll be left feeling triumphant.

Keep in mind that you can do these things any day and everyday to celebrate yourself, not just on Valentine’s.

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