How to Make Him Fall for You: A Guide

By: Hana Diab

You’ve been single for a while. You’re longing for love, a relationship maybe. You feel miserable, until one day you meet the guy of your dreams. His smile melts your heart and his humor is like no other. You can already picture yourself in a gorgeous white gown, walking down the aisle with a bouquet of roses in your grasp. You can’t stop daydreaming, and once you’re alone, you resort to your phone and google: How to Make Him Fall for Me. A drowning sea of guides telling you do’s and don’ts pop up making you feel overwhelmed.

BEEP BEEP … is the sound of your alarm begging you to wake up because that’s not how things work out in real life. 

We’ve been fed lies from movies, shows, and novels on how a perfect relationship or love story should look like. We’ve been fed so much that we’re now stuffed with unrealistic relationship expectations, thanks to romance culture.

“Romance culture” got us fantasizing about accidentally bumping into someone and instantly falling in love the moment your eyes meet as your hands brush one another while you pick up your belongings from the floor.

However, your romantic ideal may differ from mine. So maybe you haven’t fantasized about this moment before, but I confess that I have… a lot. But let’s admit, whatever the romantic scene was, and no matter how cliche, we all wished it were us instead of that character we’re watching behind the screen.

What amazes me most is the fact that movies, shows, etc. always find a way to sugarcoat the love story, no matter how toxic or how much of an eye sore it is. What is it about toxic relationships that they love so much?

I guess we’ll never know.

Regardless, (thanks to the stories that are now deeply embedded in our brains) we’re now all seeking what we view as the “perfect” love story–part of the reason you previously searched for a “How to Make Him Fall for You” guide. One thing I know for sure is that these guides are wack; I came across one earlier and I literally laughed my ass off. Here’s a sample of it:

How to Make Him Fall for You:

  1. Always Look Your Best. BIG sigh 
  2. Laugh a lot When You’re Around Him. The hell am I? A sitcom laugh track? 
  3. Be a Little Different Than Other Women. *insert confused face*

For the sake of my gag reflexes, I opted out of reading this ridiculous list. The funny part is that countless sites were giving you not only guides on how to make him fall for you but also guides on how to: make him miss you, make him chase you, make him regret losing you, and I saved the best for last: make him addicted to you… what are you? Drugs?

Let’s suppose that the “how to make him fall for you” one did actually work– even though I doubt it’ll ever do–it will eventually backfire. He fell in love with the “guide” girl and not you. He fell and you guys are now in a relationship. However, You’ll ultimately want out when realization kicks in: you’ve been wasting your time on a fake relationship.

Why follow a guide when you can just be your everyday self? When around him, never force a laugh, always look like you, and just act natural.

If you think that being yourself won’t make him fall for you, then I’m sorry to inform you, miss girl, but he’s not the one. 

You deserve someone that falls for all your imperfections before they fall for your perfections, you deserve someone that falls for all of you.

And because life offers you so much more beyond relationships, don’t put it on pause until you meet “the one”, focus on the present and set new goals.

The love story you always sought will eventually come to you before you even realize. Just be patient.

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