English and Arabic Magazine Articles and Op-Eds

Curated by: Danya Danish

Note: Please remember that access to information in this region requires the use of our bestfriend – the VPN. So, if you’re currently anywhere in the SWANA, chances are, you’ll need to turn your VPN on and set your location elsewhere to gain access but we assure you, all links work.


Living the Nakba, over and over – Dima Srouji – link

No words: on the status of BDS within contemporary art – Vijay Masharani – link

Framing Resistance Call and Response: Reading Assata Shakur’s Black Revolutionary Radicalism in Palestine – Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi – link

The Arab City: Architecture and Representation – Amale Andraos, Nora Akawi and Caitlin Blanchfield – link

To fight or flight: refractions on forms of protest – Reem Shadid  – link

Radio Earth Hold 003: Pitch Blue – Radio Earth Hold – link

Who Will We Be When We Are Free? On Palestine and Futurity – Sophia Azeb – link

“Interview with Fr. Shehadeh Shehadeh on the First Land Day Protest.” Sharif Hamadeh (2005) – link

“No Choice but to Break Free: An Interview with Ahmed Abu Artema” Ahmed Abu Artema and Lara Sheehi – link

Interview with Ahmad Saadat, Leading from Prison, Ending Negotiations, and Rebuilding the Resistance – link

“Tal’at: a feminist movement that is redefining liberation and reimagining Palestine” – Hala Marshood and Riya AlSanah – link

‘Our resistance transcends colonial divisions’ | Q&A with community organizer Amany Khalifa – link

Practicing journalism while Israeli missiles rain down: Msdar News editor-in-chief recounts bombing of media office in Gaza – link

Q&A with Gazan writer Mohamed Jamil: ‘Confrontations have legitimized armed resistance’ – link

Palestine’s uprising and the actuality of liberation – link

How do we see ‘most of the world’ from Sheikh Jarrah? – link

A god is all over me – Ma’an Abu Taleb – link

If they steal Sheikh Jarrah – Muhammed Al Kurd – link


غزة.. الحرب في زمن الوباء 

انتفاضة القدس 2021: تأملات استراتيجية 

لحظة كل الممكنات وكل المخاطر 

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