Podcasts to Listen To

Curated by: Danya Danish

This is Palestine

‘This Is Palestine’ is a podcast that highlights people, issues and events around Palestine. We bring you stories from the ground in Palestine, and we speak with experts and activists to bring you unique perspectives and analysis about Palestine from across the world.

Unified for Palestine

The Unified For Palestine Podcast discusses Palestinian Identity with Palestinians from around the world. We invite them to talk about their experience, their identity, and their hopes for the future.

Kerning Cultures

6 days ago, the official account for Kerning Cultures (a UAE based podcast production network) tweeted: “If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the Palestinian struggle, we’ve gathered voices and perspectives of those involved in the struggle against the Israeli settler-colonial rule in Palestine” and linked a few of their podcast episodes on Palestine.

Rethinking Palestine

Rethinking Palestine is a podcast from Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, a transnational think tank that aims to foster public debate on Palestinian human rights and self-determination. We draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of the Palestinian people, whether in Palestine or in exile, to put forward strong and diverse Palestinian policy voices. In this podcast, we will be bringing these voices to you so that you can listen to Palestinians sharing their analysis wherever you are in the world.


This podcast is a deep dive into the social, economic, and political history of Palestine. Through the narration of Palestine’s history, the podcast hopes to address some of the most common misconceptions about Palestine and Palestinians.

Palestinians Podcast

Palestinians Podcast is a new venture to bring Palestinian narratives to a larger podcast and radio audience. We’re aiming to “re-humanize” Palestinians in the mainstream media through the telling of true and compelling stories told by Palestinians all over the world.

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