Note to Readers

طين Times is a platform dedicated to teenagers. This is the phase in our lives that’s most difficult, it’s the phase where everyone around you tries to bury you alive and leave you with no water, what they fail to understand is that we’re seeds, and through the toughest of times we can still grow. We’re here to give you enough water to quench your thirst and accelerate your growth. This is your family, this is where you belong; amongst people who hold no judgements and who believe in no stereotypes. This platform is free from sexism, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, racism, and more. We seek to create a community of teenagers who are given resources to help them deviate from the destructive path older generations are pushing them to; this is where you can be skeptical, this is questioning God and governments, this is finding faith and knowledge, this is reaching the highest position of power a person can hold – human. We want peace! We want an end to war! We want an end to ignorance and judgement! Find your voice. Speak Up. Be Loud. Even if you cannot speak, or write, or express yourself in whatever physical way, at least allow your heart to feel your need to break free from the chains of shame and oppression. We’re here for you, always and forever, to overcome obstacles and thrive to be blossoming young and powerful individuals capable of changing the world.

Let’s build a world free of discrimination. Let’s bond as a generation, by setting aside our social, economic, and political views and realizing that we’re all – at the end of the day – the same.

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