Shella Night In Activities for When You’re All Broke and Tired

By: Malak Atwa

One of the most important things that I deeply value in my life are my friends. I absolutely love them more than anything in this whole world, they’re like my family. But unfortunately we don’t go out a lot because like most teens we are broke as heck. So, here’s some things you can do when you’re broke as heck, yet still want to have fun with your friends.

Movie night.

What’s better than going to the movies with your friends? But why spend 100 pounds at the movies – snacks not included – when you can watch the movies at the cinema in the comfort of your own home through some shady website online that has pop up ads every 5 seconds. You can invite your friends over to your house, make your own deliciously fresh popcorn, get your favorite candy and be in your pajamas. How watching movies should be. You don’t need to do anything fancy, you don’t need to buy anything. Absolutely zero money spent, and so many good memories were made.

Dish party.

You can either throw a dish party at your own home or go to a park and have a picnic. This is so underrated, yet so incredibly fun. Each member of your shella can make their own favorite dish and you can all enjoy it. Get your own utensils – preferably not plastic please 🙂 – it’s a much healthier and cheaper alternative to going out to dinner. 

Game night.

Personally my favorite one. Curating several fun games will make you and your friends bond more, while having so much fun. You can do this literally anywhere. At your own home or even at a cafe. The game choices are endless. And you don’t even need to buy any games, there are several different games you can play with cards, you can even play video games.

Crafts night.

This is pretty cheesy but it’s honestly such a fun thing to do. A guaranteed night filled with so much laughter. You can make all sorts of crafts and diys with your friends. You can recycle old clothes and make them into something new and different. You can make a macaroni necklace then eat it. You can make a frame made from shellfish. With some creativity and very little material -that are very cheap- you can have one of the most fun nights ever.

Play sports.

This can also be considered as game night but a different kind of games. Physical. If you and your friend group are into sports then this is definitely for you and your squad. You can find a park or a field and play all sorts of sports. Basketball, football, volleyball..etc etc. Not only are you hanging out with your friends, but you’re also getting in some exercise for the day.

Hangout session.

Something so simple, yet so underrated. In today’s day and age everyone has easy access to talk to anybody anytime. But, talking to someone through a screen just isn’t the same. Something that you and your friends can do that is so simple and you can be guaranteed fun time is simply hanging out with them. You don’t need to do some crazy wild activity to half fun with your friends. You can tell spooky stories, make tiktoks, gossip, have a photoshoot, catch up on just life or talk about anything literally. Sometimes you just need to disconnect and connect with the right people.

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