You Might Be the Death of Me

By: Hanna Haitham

i prepared myself for you
before i ever met you
i practiced all my poems
to rehearse how i should feel

i prepared myself for you
i counted the days it would take
to get over a heart break
if you would ever leave

i prepared myself for you
i steadied all my walls
so that if you ever came through
they would never fall

i thought i would survive you
i thought that when you’d leave
these precautions that i took
would keep you from hurting me

i rehearsed all my lines
had all the tricks up my sleeve
but my whole plan was counting on
the fact that you’d eventually leave

but now that you’re here
it becomes more apparent each day
that you’re not going anywhere
what’s my plan if you stay?

did i really prepare myself for you?
now i’m not so sure i believe
that i can survive you
you might be the death of me

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