11 Easy and Super Cute Hairstyles We’re In Love With This Fall/Winter

By: Hagar Ezzo

It’s that time of year again! The weather is becoming colder and days shorter, it’s definitely fall. Almost winter, even. If you’re like me, you like to switch things up every season. Whether it be my wardrobe, color palette, or aesthetic, something’s always changing. This season? Hair. So here’re some hairstyles that will definitely look good on you – no matter your hair type or length.

1. The Scarf Ponytail 

This one is super cute and elegant, and pretty easy to do. Definitely one of our faves for when you’re in a rush.

2. Half Up – Half Down Ponytail 

Another super easy one, this is one of those hairstyles that looks good on any texture. Seriously. Make sure you use a thick scrunchie for this one though to prevent breakage!

3. Statement Headbands 

While we may have hated wearing them growing up, headbands are making a comeback! And you can actually find some pretty cute ones too. If you don’t get headaches from them unlike me, this may be a style for you.

4. The Scarf Braid 

I don’t know about you, but fall to me means soft, dainty hairstyles. This one definitely fits into that category. A bit harder than the ones above, but nothing too fancy.

5. Sleek Ponytail

This roaring 90’s trend has also made a comeback recently, and for good reason. It may be a bit harder to achieve the laid down look if you have curly hair, but nothing some gel and a toothbrush can’t fix!

6. Claw Clip Updo 

This one reminds me of a businesswoman for some reason. Just me? Okay. Still super cute though. Great for a girl on the go.

7. SpaceBuns 

Whether your hair is thick or on the thinner side, short or long, curly or straight, this hairstyle will look good.

8. Bubble Ponytail 

This hairstyle is more on the funky side, so it may be a bit out of your comfort zone. Shoutout to the OG Princess Jasmine for rocking this look.

9. Half Up Pigtails

Definitely channeling my inner child with this one. These are super flattering for any hair type and length, take my word for it.

10. Top Knot Bun 

While it may look hard, this hairstyle is actually pretty easy to achieve. It’s also great for getting hair out of your face.

11. Baby Braids 

And last but not least, we have baby braids. Super cute for when you want to just let your hair down, but have a lil something extra.

I hope you all like these hairstyles and give them a try! Even if you’re not going anywhere, see how you like them at home. It’s fun to do something new once in a while, which brings us full circle to my seasonal changes point. Happy fall everyone!

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