Here’s a List of Local Brands to Gift Your Mama From Last Minute for Mother’s Day

By: TT Team

We’re 5 days away from Mother’s Day and we’re scrambling to find gifts for our mothers. Honestly, that’s partially because we’re broke but mostly because we’ve had exams all of last week and this week and we’re hanging by a thread. So, if you’re as exhausted, broke, and all over the place as we are, don’t worry, we used our last remaining brain cells to put this list together for you.

Jude Ben Halim

This is a no-brainer, well, it is when you’re broke, which we are. However, Jude’s designs are gorgeous and our moms love them and they deserve nice things, right? So, pool cash with your siblings (and/or dad) and buy her a pair of earrings or a statement necklace worthy of her beauty and grace.

Body Treats

Stress is also a factor is our Mamas’ lives, and they deserve all-natural skin-care products so their glow shines inside-out. Body Treats have super lovely packages and gorgeous body and face care products, 10/10 would recommend.

Plant Cult

Every Mama deserves to wear the badge of ‘shebbak or balaconet el hai’. Also, they never say no to more greenery at home. Gift them a few pots of cute plants in equally cute holders from the brilliant Plant Cult shop. It might help that their founder is a super badass feminist Egyptian woman. Also, just look at these omg, how can anyone resist? Your Mama is bound to like them.

Ellie Home

Every Arab mom EVER is always getting stuck somewhere in the home decor section, especially with all the pretty pots, pans, and plates. Fortunately, Ellie is a local Egyptian brand that produces top-notch pottery meant to be super functional and almost distressingly pretty. Honestly, looks like any Mama’s dream gift.


Uhm, excuse you, where else would you buy cupcakes or cake for your Mama from? Nola has been our go-to for gorgeous small cakes and scrumptious cupcakes for years and this year is no different. Make your Mama happy and stop by your nearest Nola branch to purchase a cute multiple tier rainbow cake or a batch of this super cute (WhatsApp family group friendly, too) cupcakes. You’re scoring so many brownie points with those.


Raise your hand if your Mama drags you through every local brand bazaar looking for all-natural hair products to try. We’re jumping with both hands raised, ourselves. So, since we drool over Braes’ products, we might as well introduce them to the joys of being a Braes girl. The packaging is super cute and their products are tried, tested, and found to be super effective, we couldn’t ask for more with a gift to express our care.


Urth have the most beautifully designed home decor products omg. They’re affordable, adorable, and sustainable. We’re thinking of buying them a couple of gorgeous mugs and passing by Nespresso or Starbucks for their favorite coffee and calling it a day. It’s thoughtful, relatively worked around with a budget, and something we’re sure they’ll appreciate.


We legit go bankrupt for months in advance for buying them chocolates from Patchi every year. Enter, Salties. Salties is a handmade chocolate brand offering unique flavors and they’re – genuinely, because we tried – to die for. Also, you might be convinced more to choose Salties not just because they’re more affordable, but because their founder is a young woman in her early twenties and a recent graduate (and we’re always here for it).


This is also a no-brainer. We think nearly every daughter in this community bought an Emma scarf for her mother at least once. It’s a recurring gift but we know they love them (despite the hot empty feeling in our pockets), so they’re worth every geneih, just for the smile they put on our Mamas’ faces.

Clementine Organics

Clementine is THE local Egyptian brand for oils, serums, and stunningly effective skin-care products. Their products are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free so buying from them is a conscious decision to do the world good, and our Mamas good too! Mamas deserve bright skin and to feel their best selves.

The Happy Tray

The Happy Tray is here to save our collective butts. You want to do something cute for your mom that is not necessarily a gift or that goes along with your gift? This is where you need to go. Their breakfast trays are so cute and you get to deliver them to your Mamas bed and this is definitely something she’ll absolutely love. They honestly deserve to be pampered in the morning. Also, their orders require a 5 days notice so y’all have 24 hours left, good luck.

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